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Academic Departments and Programs (course descriptions)



Director: Leo Sandon (Religion);
Advisory Committee:
Fernald (Geography),
Jumonville (History),
Keuchel (History),
Lhamon (English),
Moore (English),
Rowe (English)

American studies is concerned with the culture of the United States studied from cross-disciplinary interdepartmental perspectives. The aim of the program is toward enlarged dimensions of awareness rather than toward further refinements of disciplinary analysis. A wide variety of courses is available from many departments. The flexibility of the program gives students an opportunity to develop a curriculum commensurate with their own interests and needs. A new track provides the opportunity for a student to focus on Florida Studies, that is, on Florida in the Americas. The same cross-disciplinary mode of study is utilized to interpret the Florida experience, in the context of the way(s) Florida has been perceived by Americans, past and present.


Please review all college-wide degree requirements summaried in the College of Arts and Sciences section of this General Bulletin.


Thirty (30) semester hours distributed in any way satisfactory to both the student and the director, not including courses used to satisfy liberal studies requirements. All students are required to take at least nine (9) semester hours in American studies courses, including a special topics course, and at least three (3) semester hours in each of the areas listed below. No more than twelve (12) semester hours in any one area may be counted toward the major. The areas of study are literature, history, fine arts, and social studies. Any course in the University which deals primarily with the United States may be included under one of these areas. Interested students may obtain a list of courses generally used in the program from the director.

Honors in the Major

American studies offers a program in honors in the major to encourage talented juniors and seniors to undertake independent and original research as part of the undergraduate experience. For requirements and other information, see the University Honors Program and Honor Societies section of this General Bulletin.


At least twelve (12) semester hours in an approved minor field.

Definition of Prefix

AMS American and Florida Studies

Undergraduate Courses

AMS 1363r. Issues in American Civilization: The University (1-2). (S/U grade only.)

AMS 3310. Changing Concepts of the American Character (3). A study of the attitudes of prominent American authors toward the society in which they lived.

AMS 3364. The Liberal Arts Tradition (2). A survey of the origins, values, and rationale for the liberal arts. Students who receive credit for AMS 1363 are ineligible for enrollment.

AMS 3810. The Life of the Mind in America (3). This course addresses topics in American intellectual history. See the current Directory of Classes for the designated topics.

AMS 3932r. Lecture Series in American Problems (3-6). May be repeated to a maximum of six (6) semester hours.

AMS 3949r. Cooperative Education WorkExperience (0). (S/U grade only.)

AMS 4905r.Directed Individual Study (1-3). May be repeated to a maximum of eight (8) semester hours.

AMS 4913r. Honors Work (3-6). May be repeated to a maximum of six (6) semester hours.

AMS 4935. Senior Seminar (3).

AMS 4941r.Internship in an Approved American Studies Field (3-9). (S/U grade only.) Must have completed one full semester of major courses [twelve (12) credit hours or more] before registering for internship. May be repeated to a maximum of nine (9) semester hours.

Graduate Courses

AMS 5809r. Seminar in American Culture (3).

AMS 5815r. Seminar in American Thought (3).

AMS 5908r. Directed Individual Study (1-3).

AMS 5915r. Supervised Research (1-3). (S/U grade only.)

AMS 5940r. Supervised Teaching (1-3). (S/U grade only.)

AMS 5942r. Internship in an Approved American Studies Field (3-9). (S/U grade only.)

For listings relating to graduate course work for thesis, dissertation, and masters examination and defense, consult the Graduate Bulletin.