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Academic Departments and Programs (course descriptions)

Department of ART EDUCATION


Chair: Sally McRorie;
Professors: Anderson, Dorn, Lovano-Kerr, McRorie;
Associate Professor: Troeger

The primary mission of the undergraduate program is to train certified art teachers for public and private school service. A preart therapy option is offered in conjunction with certification. Students have the opportunity to participate in the Universitys Florence or London programs as part of their course of studies. Extensive in-school observation and participation are required.

The undergraduate preservice program for the education of teachers was developed around the theoretical position of discipline-based art education. The learning structure of the program is patterned on the content and inquiry structures of mature practicing professionals in studio art, art history, art criticism, and aesthetics, and is adapted to the developmental stages, cognitive styles, and special and individual needs of students.

The principle thrust of the program is to deepen the visual and cultural literacy of future art teachersto increase the shared body of visual information which is crucial for the fundamental base of art knowledge from which art teachers must teach. This knowledge is taught in a variety of ways using the disciplines of art and sound educational principles in order to transfer this knowledge to the art education student and ultimately, to students in public and private school settings and participants in community arts programs.

The Department of Art Education offers programs leading to the bachelor of science (BS), bachelor of arts (BA), master of science (MS), and master of arts (MA) degrees with certification. For graduate programs, refer to the Graduate Bulletin.

State of Florida Common Course Prerequisites

The State of Florida has identified common course prerequisites for this University degree program. These prerequisites are lower-level courses that are required for preparation for the University major prior to a student receiving a baccalaureate degree from The Florida State University. They may be taken either at a community college or in a university lower-division program. It is preferred that these common course prerequisites be completed in the freshman and sophomore years.

The following lists the common course prerequisites or approved substitutions necessary for this degree program:

  1. EDF X005;
  2. EDG 2701;
  3. EME 2040*;
  4. ART X300 and ART X301 or ARH 3001;
  5. ART X201 and ART X202 or ART 2201;
  6. ARH X050;
  7. ARH X051;
  8. Two 2000 level studio art I courses [six (6) semester hours] with the ART prefix;
  9. Two of the following courses: ART X510, ART X400, ART X4XX, ART X1XX, ART X110, ART X470.

In addition to EDG 2701, the student must take six (6) additional hours with an international or diversity focus. The eligible courses will be determined by the institution where the student is currently earning his or her AA or baccalaureate degree. Contact department and/or adviser for details.

At least one course taken to meet the natural science requirements in liberal studies must include a laboratory component.

Note: courses marked with an asterisk (*) have at least one acceptable substitute. Contact the department for details.

Requirements for a Major in Art Education

Admission to the four-year program in art education and to student teaching leading to the baccalaureate degree requires a 2.5 overall grade point average (GPA) and a 3.0 in art courses. Twenty-one (21) semester hours in art and/or art history must be completed before entering ARE 3047. Each student must also be admitted to the teacher education program in the College of Education either prior to the first semester of the junior year or during the first semester of the junior year. A GPA of 3.0 in courses in art and art education is a prerequisite for student teaching (ARE 4940). All professional education course work must also be completed prior to student teaching.

The core program in teacher certification includes ARE 3047, 4355C, 4356C, 4357, 4550C, 4936, and 4940. In addition, students must take EDF 4214 and 4604 in the College of Education. Computer literacy is a state requirement for teaching, which may be satisfied within the required hours of studio course work or within the Department of Art Education. Consult an adviser for specifics. Admission to art education is in the junior year. The degree most commonly awarded is the bachelor of science (BS) with certification in art, grades K12, although a bachelor of arts (BA) may be earned with the addition of a foreign language. The preart therapy option requires psychology course work beyond that described above. The required (12) semester hours may be chosen from: CLP 4143; DEP 3103, 3305, 4204; PPE 3004; PSY 2012; and from among other courses determined in consultation with an adviser. Students in the preart therapy track are placed in schools with special needs students for student teaching. No minor is offered in art education.

Definition of Prefix

ARE Art Education

Undergraduate Courses

ARE 3047. Foundations of Art Education (3). Prerequisite: Twenty-one (21) semester hours of studio art and/or art history. This course includes the study of theoretical and historical foundations of art education: philosophical, psychological, and sociological approaches and their influence on curriculum development at the elementary and secondary levels. Observation in the public schools is required.

ARE 3301C. Art in Early Childhood Education (3). The role of art in the education of the young child in terms of developmental trends, individual variability, methods, media, and curriculum. On-site clinical experiences required.

ARE 3313C. Art in the Elementary Schools (3). Study of significant literature and research in the field; laboratory investigation of materials, ideas, and methods currently used in elementary schools. On-site clinical experiences required.

ARE 4355C. Teaching Studio Content and Methods in Art (3). Prerequisite or Corequisite: ARE 3047. In this course, future teachers will develop concepts, methods, and materials of studio production. They will also examine child and adolescent development and abilities in studio art and studio classroom management. Observation and participation in schools is required.

ARE 4356C. Teaching Art Criticism and Aesthetics (3). Prerequisite or corequisite: ARE 3047. In this course, students will develop in their understanding of the concepts which undergird art criticism and aesthetics and will develop skills in the use of methods of art criticism. Students will also examine skills, concepts, and strategies for teaching aesthetics and art criticism in elementary and secondary schools. Observation and participation in schools is required.

ARE 4357. Teaching Art History (3). Prerequisite or corequisite: ARE 3047. Students will develop concepts about the nature of art history, skills in doing historical research, and skills, concepts, and strategies for teaching art history at the elementary and secondary levels. Observation and participation in schools is required.

ARE 4550C. Art Therapy/Special Populations (3). Definitions of art therapy, the development of the discipline, the exploration of special populations, human relations, and the related concepts in art education and art therapy.

ARE 4905r. Directed Individual Study (1-3). May be repeated to a maximum of nine (9) semester hours.

ARE 4930r. Special Topics in Art and Education (3). Topics vary from term to term in response to new developments in art education. May be repeated to a maximum of six (6) semester hours as topics vary.

ARE 4931. Computer Graphic Design in Education and Art (3). Introduction to computer functions. Emphasis on visual literacy through practice and adaptation of computer processes to educational and art purposes.

ARE 4936. Senior Seminar in Art Education (3). Prerequisites: ARE 3047, 4355C, 4356C, 4357. Students examine and develop curriculum in art, explore practical art classroom management and logistics strategies, and complete preparation of teaching resources to be used in student teaching and in their careers.

ARE 4940. Student Teaching in Art (1-5). (S/U grade only.) Prerequisite: ARE 4936. Clinical experience teaching art in a public school assignment.

Graduate Courses

ARE 5245. Curriculum and Programs (3).

ARE 5253. Art in Community Service (3).

ARE 5262. Administration of Art Programs (3).

ARE 5304. Art in Childhood Education (3).

ARE 5555. Advanced Art Therapy (3).

ARE 5641. Critical Analysis (3).

ARE 5665. Managing the Arts Organization (3).

ARE 5705. Research Survey (3).

ARE 5865. Arts Administration in the Public Sector (3).

ARE 5906r. Directed Individual Study (1-3).

ARE 5910r. Supervised Research (3). (S/U grade only.)

ARE 5930r. Special Topics in Art Education (13).

ARE 5935r. Seminar: Current and Comparative Studies in Art Education (3).

ARE 5940. Supervised Teaching (3). (S/U grade only.)

ARE 5944r. Field Laboratory Internship (1-9). (S/U grade only.)

For listings relating to graduate course work for thesis, dissertation, and masters and doctoral examinations and defense, consult the Graduate Bulletin.