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Director: Dr. William Jones

The Black studies program is an interdepartmental and interdisciplinary study of the history and culture of African-Americans. Knowledge and research methods drawn from several disciplines enable students to enhance their understanding of Americas largest minority group and acquire a deeper comprehension of the history and culture of the nation as a whole.

Requirements for a Minor in Black Studies

The program minor requires the completion of fifteen (15) semester hours. Other requirements are as follows: 1) AFA 3101 Theory and Dynamics of Racism and Oppression, or AFA 2000 Introduction to the Afro-American Experience, three (3) semester hours; 2) SOP 3782 Psychology of the Afro-American, three (3) semester hours; 3) subject to departmental prerequisites, at least six (6) semester hours selected from core courses; and 4) the remaining three (3) semester hours to be selected from special topics seminars, directed individual studies (DIS) in approved disciplines, or approved courses not previously chosen to fulfill the core requirements.

Freshmen and sophomore students who intend to minor in black studies should declare this intention with the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies in A3400 University Center. Junior and senior students should notify their respective academic deans.

Definition of Prefix

AFA - Afro-American Studies

Core Courses

AFA 2000. Introduction to the Afro-American Experience (3). An interdisciplinary examination of the form and content of Afro-American culture as an expression of its African heritage and a response to economic, social, and political oppression in the New World.

AFA 3101. Theory and Dynamics of Racism and Oppression (3). A conceptual, institutional, and historical analysis of the operation and inner logic of racism and oppression.

AFA 3395.Cultural Puralism and Community Service (3). This course presents students a theoretical framework for evaluating effective community service strategies, especially in response to the needs of African-American clients.

AFA 3930r. Special Topics (1-3).

AFA 4905r. Directed Individual Study (1-4). May be repeated during the same semester.

Note: descriptions of the following courses can be found under the individual departments in which they are taught.

AFH 3405. Subsahara Africa Since 1800 (3).

AMH 4571. Black America to 1877 (3).

AMH 4572. Black America Since 1877 (3).

AML 2600. Introduction to African-American Literature (3).

AML 3680. American Multi-Ethnic Literature (3).

CCJ 4664. Minorities, Crime, and Social Policy (3).

ECP 4613. Urban Economics (3).

FRW 4770. Black Literature of French Expression (3).

HIS 4930r. Special Topics in History (3).

MUL 4931r. Special Topics in Music Literature (1-3).

POS 4624. The Supreme Court, Civil Liberties and Civil Rights (3).

POT 2502. Politics and Ethics (3).

REL 3370. Afro-Caribbean Religion (3).

REL 3936r. Special Topics in Religion (1-3).

REL 4190r. Undergraduate Seminar: Religion and Culture (3).

SOP 3782. Psychology of the Afro-American (3).

SOW 4622. Social Work with Black Families (3).

SOW 4624. Mental Health of Minorities and Women (3).

SOW 4935r. Seminar in Social Work: Selected Topics (3).

SPC 4634. The Rhetoric of Race Relations (3).

SPC 4651r. Rhetoric of Contemporary Issues (3).

SPC 4721. Interracial/Intercultural Communication (3).

SYD 3600. The Community in Urban Society (3).

SYD 4700. Race and Minority and Group Relations (3).

Note: Courses available at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) FAMU prefix and course numbers listed below.

GEA 3600. Geography of Africa (3).

MUH 3561. Afro-American Music (3). (Offered by request.)

PHM 3120. Contemporary Black Social Philosophy (3).

THE 3235. Contemporary Black Theatre (3).


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