Florida State University General Bulletin 1998-1999

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Academic Departments and Programs (course descriptions)



Chair: Sande Milton;
Professors: Bock, Klees, Milton, Papagiannis, Wallat;
Associate Professors: Easton, Jahns, Shargel;
Assistant Professor: Basile;
Courtesy Professors: Deutsch, Russell;
Professors Emeriti: Grant, Schroeder

The Department of Educational Foundations and Policy Studies offers degrees at the masters, specialist, and doctoral levels. Undergraduate courses in foundations of education are offered for persons engaged in programs of professional education.

State Certification Courses

The following social foundations of education courses offred in the educational foundations and policy studies department will meet the Florida Department of Education professional certification requirements: EDF 4604, 5160, 5517, 5543, 5548, 5551, 5612, 5630, 5710r.

Definition of Prefixes

ADE - Adult Education

EDF - Education: Foundations

MMC - Mass Media Communication

Undergraduate Courses

ADE 3949r. Cooperative Education Work Experience (0). (S/U grade only.)

ADE 4930r.Special Topics in Adult and Community Education (3). Introduces varying topics related to the nature and methods of adult and community education. May be repeated for a maximum of twelve (12) semester hours.

EDF 1005.Introduction to Education (3). This course offers students a broad view of education from historical, cultural, psychological, political, social and philosophical perspectives. Includes lectures, discussions, and field experience.

EDF 2073.Diversity in and out of School: Multicultural Policies and Practices (3). The concept of multiculturalism is central to understanding the development of educational policies and practices in the twentieth century. This course provides a broad survey of the ways in which this concept helps to describe and explain current programs both in and out of school and in the university settings. Meets university multicultural requirements.

EDF 4604. Schooling in American Society (3). The study of the organization, policies, and practice of American public education and its mutual interactions with other aspects of society.

EDF 4906r. Directed Individual Study (1-3). (S/U grade only.) May be repeated to a maximum of twelve (12) semester hours.

Graduate Courses

ADE 5070. Comparative and International Adult Education (3).

ADE 5075. University Continuing Education (3).

ADE 5080. Foundations of Adult and Continuing Education (3).

ADE 5083. Human Resource Development (3).

ADE 5186. Program Development in Adult Education (3).

ADE 5189. Staff Training and Development (3).

ADE 5193. Education and Training in Gerontology (3).

ADE 5280. Problems in the Organization and Administration of Adult Education Agencies (3).

ADE 5380. Processes of Community and Adult Education (3).

ADE 5385. Adult Learning (3).

ADE 5675. Issues in Adult and Continuing Education (3).

ADE 5906r. Directed Individual Study (1-3). (S/U grade only.)

ADE 5915r. Supervised Research (1-4). (S/U grade only.)

ADE 5932r. Special Topics in Adult Education (1-3).

ADE 5942r. Internship in Continuing Education (2-4). (S/U grade only.)

ADE 5944r. Supervised Teaching (1-4). (S/U grade only.)

ADE 6772r. Research Seminar in Adult Education (1). (S/U grade only.)

ADE 6920r. Adult Education Colloquium (1). (S/U grade only.)

ADE 6931. Research Seminar in Adult Education (2). (S/U grade only.)

EDF 5160. The School as a Social System: The Social Psychology of Education (3).

EDF 5449. Survey Research Methods (3).

EDF 5488. Computer Analysis of Educational Data (2).

EDF 5517. History of Education in the United States (3).

EDF 5543. Introduction to Philosophy of Education (3).

EDF 5548. Philosophy of Teaching and Learning (3).

EDF 5551. Social Philosophies and Education (3).

EDF 5612. Education and Culture (3).

EDF 5625. Education and Economic Development (3).

EDF 5626. Economic Evaluation of Education Programs (3).

EDF 5630. Sociology of Education (3).

EDF 5631. Education and Equality (3).

EDF 5641. Introduction to Policy Studies in Education (3).

EDF 5652. Policy Development in Education (3).

EDF 5661. Policy-Making and Linguistic Analysis in Education (3).

EDF 5710r. Contemporary Readings in American Education (3).

EDF 5763. The Educational Consultant: Fieldwork Techniques (3).

EDF 5850. International Development Education (3).

EDF 5890. Sociology of Nontraditional Approaches and Innovation in Education and Development (3).

EDF 5895r. Comparative Studies in Education (2-5).

EDF 5896. Education and Political Development (3).

EDF 5897. Sociology of Education and Development (3).

EDF 5907r. Directed Individual Study (1-3). (S/U grade only.)

EDF 5911r. Supervised Research (1-4). (S/U grade only.)

EDF 5935r. Special Topics in Foundations of Education (1-3).

EDF 5943r. Supervised Teaching (1-4). (S/U grade only.)

EDF 6475. Qualitative Methods in Educational Research (3).

EDF 6558. Seminar on John Deweys Educational Philosophy (3).

EDF 6629r. Advanced Seminar: Selected Topics in Education and Economic Development (3).

EDF 6648. Policy Analysis in Education (3).

EDF 6653. Planning Education for Socioeconomic Change (3).

EDF 6945r. Internship in Educational Policy (1-9). (S/U grade only.)

MMC 5305. Comparative Systems of Mass Communication (3).

MMC 6920r. Colloquium in Mass Communications - The Diffusion of Innovations (3).

For listings relating to graduate course work for thesis, dissertation, and masters and doctoral examinations and defense, consult the Graduate Bulletin.