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Academic Departments and Programs (course descriptions)



Chair: Hollie Thomas;
Educational Administration/Leadership-Professors:Hinely, Kraft, Snyder, Thomas;
Associate Professors: Funk, Herrington, Irvin, Vertuno;
Professors Emeriti: Bolden, Gant, Giddis, Hale, Kannwischer, Luebkemann, Rasmussen;
Higher Education-Professors: Beckham, Simerley;
Associate Professors: Dalton, Mann;
Assistant Professor: Bower;
Professors Emeriti: Bender, Kropp, Stakenas, Waggaman

The Department of Educational Leadership provides preparation for a wide variety of professional careers in educational administration, higher education, and vocational education. The masters, specialist in education, and doctoral degrees are offered. Although the department does not offer any undergraduate degree programs, several courses are offered at this level. For information on graduate programs, consult the Graduate Bulletin.

Definition of Prefixes

ADE - Adult Education

CGS - Computer General Studies

EDA - Education: Administration

EDG - Education: General

EDH - Education: Higher

EDM - Education: Middle School

EDS - Education: Supervision

EME - Education: Technology and Media

ESE - Education: Secondary

EVT - Education: Vocational/Technical

SDS - Student Development Services

Undergraduate Courses

EDA 3949r. Cooperative Education Work Experience (0). (S/U grade only.)

EDA 4060. Organization and Control of Education (3). Relationships among local school districts, intermediate units, state departments of education, and the federal government.

EDH 3949r. Cooperative Education Work Experience (0). (S/U grade only.)

EVT 3949r.Cooperative Education Work Experience (0). (S/U grade only.)

Graduate Courses

ADE 5075. University Continuing Education (3).

CGS 5310. Information Management Technology in Education (3).

EDA 5061. Educational Administration (3).

EDA 5062. Introduction to Leadership Development (3).

EDA 5109. Educational Management Development (3).

EDA 5192. Educational Leadership (3).

EDA 5218. Application of Leadership Theory (3).

EDA 5222. Personnel Administration in Education (3).

EDA 5227. The Role of the Woman Administrator in Education (3).

EDA 5232. Legal Aspects of Public School Administration (3).

EDA 5242. School Finance (3).

EDA 5288. The Politics of Education (3).

EDA 5423. Decision-Oriented Educational Research (3).

EDA 5506. Organization and Administration of Higher Education (3).

EDA 5569. State Education Policy (3).

EDA 5906r. Directed Individual Study (1-3). (S/U grade only.)

EDA 5910r. Supervised Research (1-4). (S/U grade only.)

EDA 5931r. Special Topics in Educational Administration (1-3).

EDA 5941r. Supervised Teaching (1-4). (S/U grade only.)

EDA 6101. Organizational Theory (3).

EDA 6207. Leadership for School Renewal (3).

EDA 6930r. Departmental Seminar and Research Projects (1-3). (S/U grade only.)

EDA 6940r. Internship in Educational Administration (3). (S/U grade only.)

EDG 5250. Basic Concepts in Curriculum Planning and Organization (3).

EDG 5945r. Advanced Associate Teaching (3).(S/U grade only.)

EDH 5045. Student Development Theories for College Student Personnel Work (3).

EDH 5050. Seminar in Graduate Inquiry Resources (2).

EDH 5051. Higher Education in America: Basic Understandings (3).

EDH 5052. Higher Education in America: Current Problems (3).

EDH 5054. Postsecondary Education: Survey and Overview (3).

EDH 5068. Outcomes of Undergraduate Education (3).

EDH 5205. Curriculum in Higher Education (3).

EDH 5305. College Teaching: Instruction in Higher Education (3).

EDH 5306. College Teaching: Teaching in the Subject Field (3).

EDH 5405. Legal Aspects of Higher Education (3).

EDH 5406. Ethics and Inquiry (1).

EDH 5504. College and University Institutional Advancement (3).

EDH 5505. Finance in Higher Education (3).

EDH 5630. Program Financial Management in Higher Education (3).

EDH 5631. Academic Leadership and Middle Management in Higher Education (3).

EDH 5906r. Directed Individual Study (1-3). (S/U grade only.)

EDH 5915r. Supervised Research (1-4). (S/U grade only.)

EDH 5931r. Special Topics in Higher Education (1-3).

EDH 5941r. Field Laboratory Internship (1-8).

EDH 5942r. Internship (1-8). (S/U grade only.)

EDH 5943r. Supervised Teaching (1-4). (S/U grade only.)

EDH 5944r. Internship (1-8). (S/U grade only.)

EDH 5946. Internship in College and Community College Teaching (3).

EDH 6935r. Seminar: Literature, Research, and Professional Writing in Higher Education (3). (S/U grade only.)

EDM 5045. Schools for Young Adolescents (3).

EDM 5405. Issues, Trends, and Practices in Middle Level Education (3).

EDS 5356. Supervision of Associate Teaching (3). (S/U grade only.)

EDS 5941r. Administration and Supervision of Clinical Education (1-3). (S/U grade only.)

EME 5941. Designs for In-Service Personnel Development (3).

ESE 5015. The American High School (3).

ESE 5035. Trends and Innovations in High School Education (3).

EVT 5066. Philosophy and Principles of Comprehensive Vocational Education (3).

EVT 5264. Organization, Administration, and Management of Vocational Education Programs (3).

EVT 5265. Supervision and Development of Vocational Education Staff (3).

EVT 5267. Planning for Vocational Education (3).

EVT 5664. Community Relations in Education (3).

EVT 5760. Designing Research in Educational Leadership (3).

EVT 5905r. Directed Individual Study (1-3). (S/U grade only.)

EVT 5915r. Supervised Research (1-4). (S/U grade only.)

EVT 5930r. Seminar in Vocational Education (1-3).

EVT 5942r. Supervised Teaching (1-4). (S/U grade only.)

EVT 5947r. Internship (1-8). (S/U grade only.)

EVT 6790. Evaluating Vocational Education (3).

EVT 6930r. Seminar in Vocational Research (1-3). (S/U grade only.)

SDS 5040. Student Personnel Work in Higher Education (3).

SDS 5624. The American College Student (3).

SDS 5804. Practicum in Student Personnel Work (3).

For listings relating to graduate course work for thesis, dissertation, and masters and doctoral examinations and defense, consult the Graduate Bulletin.


EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY: see Educational Research