Florida State University General Bulletin 1998-1999

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Academic Departments and Programs (course descriptions)



Chair: Marcy Driscoll;
Professors: Branson, Brewer, Driscoll, Fletcher, Kaufman, Keller, Morgan, Oosterhof, Pargman, Reiser, Tuckman, Wager;
Associate Professors: Kealy, Tate;
Assistant Professors: L.K. Curda, S.Curda;
Service Professors: Dick, Lathrop;
Professors Emeriti: Beard, Burkman, Gagne, Hills, Johnson, King, Mancha, Quinly

The Department of Educational Research offers degrees only at the masters, specialist, and doctoral levels. However, the department does offer several undergraduate courses that are part of the teacher education curriculum. For more information, refer to the Graduate Bulletin.

Definition of Prefixes

EDF - Education: Foundations

EDG - Education: General

EDP - Educational Psychology

EME - Education: Technology and Media

PET - Physical Education Theory

Undergraduate Courses

EDF 3949r. Cooperative Education Work Experience (0). (S/U grade only.)

EDF 4214. Classroom Applications of Educational Psychology (3). Psychological basis for the design and delivery of instruction, as related to individual development, student characteristics, learning effectiveness, and the assessment of learning outcomes.

EDF 4440. Measurement and Evaluation in the Classroom (3). Prepares teachers for activities in testing, gra ding, test construction, and the interpretation and use of test scores.

EDF 4905r. Directed Individual Study (1-3). May be repeated to a maximum of twelve (12) semester hours.

EDG 3949r. Cooperative Education Work Experience (0). (S/U grade only.)

EME 2040.Introduction to Educational Technology (3). An introduction to the use of educational technology in teaching and learning. Students will learn to use personal computers and other technology for communication, presentations, and resource acquisition.

EME 3949r. Cooperative Education Work Experience (0). (S/U grade only.)

EME 4050.Educational Technology Theory and Practice in Instruction (3). Course focuses on the current theories and practices of using technology in teaching and learning. Students participate in a computer-supported collaborative learning environment and integrate technology into their practices.

EME 4905r. Directed Individual Study (1-3). (S/U grade only.) May be repeated to a maximum of twelve (12) semester hours.

PET 4214.Sport Psychology (3). Course explores selected psychological theories and applications relevant to sport and exercise behavior.

PET 4251. Sport in Contemporary American Society (3). An examination of various sociocultural factors in American society and their relationship to the sport experience.

Graduate Courses

EDF 5148. Seminar in Human Abilities and Learning (3).

EDF 5400. Basic Descriptive and Inferential Statistics Applications (4).

EDF 5401. General Linear Model Applications (4).

EDF 5402. Advanced Topics in Analysis of Variance Applications (3).

EDF 5406. Multivariate Analysis Applications (3).

EDF 5409. Causal Modeling (3).

EDF 5410. Nonparametric Analysis Applications (3).

EDF 5411. Factor Analysis (3).

EDF 5432. Measurement Theory I (3).

EDF 5434. Measurement Theory II (3).

EDF 5435. Theory of Scaling (2).

EDF 5443. Measurement and Evaluation in the Classroom (3).

EDF 5445. Assessment of Learning Outcomes (3).

EDF 5447. Scale and Instrument Development (3).

EDF 5461. Introduction to Program Evaluation (3).

EDF 5462. Evaluation of New Educational Programs and Practices (3).

EDF 5464. Qualitative Methods for Program Evaluation (3).

EDF 5465. Evaluation of Educational Personnel (2).

EDF 5476. Quasi-Experimental Analysis Applications (3).

EDF 5481. Methods of Educational Research (3).

EDF 5906r. Directed Individual Study (1-3). (S/U grade only.)

EDF 5910r. Supervised Research (1-4). (S/U grade only.)

EDF 5940r. Supervised Teaching (1-4). (S/U grade only.)

EDF 5941. Internship in Institutional Research (1-8). (S/U grade only.)

EDF 5942r. Field Laboratory Internship (1-8). (S/U grade only.)

EDF 6479. Qualitative Data Analysis (3).

EDF 6930r. Research and Evaluation Seminar (1-2). (S/U grade only.)

EDF 6933. Advanced Measurement Seminar: Decision Processes (2).

EDF 6937r. Seminar in Advanced Research Problems (1-3). (S/U grade only.)

EDG 5932r. Seminar in Instructional Design (1). (S/U grade only.)

EDG 6287. Needs Assessment for Performance and System Planning (3).

EDG 6328. Alternate Views of Teaching and Learning (3).

EDG 6363. Practicum in Experimental Learning Research (3).

EDG 6365. Instructional Systems Research Seminar (3).

EDG 6925. Instructional Materials Development (4).

EDP 5216. Theories of Learning and Cognition in Instruction (3).

EDP 5217. Principles of Learner Motivation (3).

EDP 5275. Development of Children in School (3).

EDP 5285. Group Processes in Instruction (3).

EME 5054. Educational Technology: Theory and Practice in Instruction (3).

EME 5055. Trends and Issues in Instructional Design (3).

EME 5403. Collaborative Learning Online (3).

EME 5405. Media, Text, and Technology (3).

EME 5408. Application of Technology in Teaching (3).

EME 5456. Researching the Literature in Open and Distance Learning (3).

EME 5457. Introduction to Distance Learning (3).

EME 5601. Introduction to Instructional Systems (3).

EME 5603. Introduction to Systematic Instructional Design (3).

EME 5604. Designing Instructor-Led Courses (3).

EME 5906r. Directed Individual Study (1-3). (S/U grade only.)

EME 5975. Portfolio Review (0).

EME 6313. Analysis and Application of Web-Based Instructional Delivery Systems (3).

EME 6326. Development of Print Courseware (3).

EME 6415. Development of Computer Courseware (3).

EME 6507. Development of Multimedia Instruction (3).

EME 6616. Case Studies in Instructional Systems (2).

EME 6631. Managing Instructional Development (3).

EME 6635r. Seminar in Advanced Instructional Systems Problems (1-3).

EME 6638. Educational System Design (3).

EME 6640. Design and Development of Electronic Performance Support Systems (3).

EME 6691. Performance Systems Analysis (3).

PET 5206C. Youth in Sport (3).

PET 5216. Sports Psychology (3).

PET 5255. Social Bases of Physical Activity (3).

PET 6217. Stress and Motor Performance (3).

PET 6297. Seminar in Sport Psychology (3).

For listings relating to graduate course work for thesis, dissertation, and masters and doctoral examinations and defense, consult the Graduate Bulletin.