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Professors: Blazek, DePew, Hart, Robbins, Sherron, Summers;
Associate Professors: Barron, Conaway, Dresang, Logan;
Assistant Professors: Gluck, Robbin, Yu;
Visiting Assistant Professor: K.Burnett;
Visiting Instructor of Information Studies: G. Burnett;
Professors Emeriti: Aaron, Gregory, Hunt, Jahoda, Rockwood, Trezza;
Associate Professor Emeritus: Quinley

The School of Information Studies offers a bachelor's degree in information studies, a master of science degree which is accredited by the American Library Association, a specialist degree, and a doctor of philosophy degree. All but the bachelor's degree offer majors in information studies or library studies. The master's degree is required for entry-level positions in the field of library practice.

Refer to the School of Information Studies section of this General Bulletin for more details. For complete details of graduate degree requirements, plus a description of the School of Information Studies and its facilities and opportunities, refer to the Graduate Bulletin.

Definition of Prefix

LIS - Library and Information Studies

Undergraduate Courses

LIS 3232.Information Needs and Preferences (3). Prerequisite: MAC 1105. This course provides students with an overview that emphasizes the users perspective in the analysis of information needs and preferences. It also offers the fundamentals for a broad approach with a unifying structure to understanding human information-seeking behaviors.

LIS 3261. Personal Information Management (3). Includes computer-based and manual information handling techniques and practical experience in the creation and use of small database and bibliographic files. Techniques for acquiring, organizing, and presenting information for college students academic and personal use through laboratory and classroom experience.

LIS 3267.Information Science (3). Prerequisite: MAC 1105. This course presents the history, philosophical bases, concepts, theories and methodologies of information science. It also emphasizes the definitions and properties of information, formal and informal information systems, information origination, transfer, classification, formatting and use.

LIS 3342.Technologies for Information Services (3). Prerequisite: CGS 2060. Beginning beyond the computer literacy level, the course develops an appreciation for the application of computer hardware, software, and information systems for the provision of information services. Highlights features and offers up-to-date coverage of technical developments with examples of real-world software applications and the principles by which computer systems and their networks support information seekers.

LIS 3602.Information Sources and Services (3). Prerequisite: MAC 1105. An introduction to the basic sources and systems for the provision of information to users. Provides an integrated approach that combines print and electronic sources and comprehensive services within a broad range of user and use contexts which emphasize matching sources and services with user needs and preferences.

LIS 3946r.Field Study in Information Studies (1-6). Prerequisite: consent of advisor. Provides students with an unpaid work experience within a major area of information studies. May be repeated to a maximum of six (6) semester hours.

LIS 3949r. Cooperative Education Work Experience (0). (S/U grade only.)

Advanced Undergraduate Courses

LIS 4233.Societal Implications of the Information Age (3). An introduction to the evolving role of information in the Information Age. Emphasizes information services in society and contemporary information resources that fulfill societys information needs. Considers the nature of electronic sources of information as well as other information formats and sources.

LIS 4236.Seminar in Information Policy (3). Prerequisite: LIS 4233 recommended. Introduces the social issues involved in information services, such as the interaction of high technology, employment, privacy, individual rights to information, and security. Also provides an overview of key United States federal information policy issues. Introduces students to information policy analysis techniques. Examines access to and management of national information resources.

LIS 4263.Systems Approach in the Information Environment (3). Prerequisites: LIS 4233 strongly recommended. An introduction to the systems approach for problem solving in an information seekers environment. The theories and concepts of information science are integrated with a variety of practical tools for the structured design and analysis of information systems.

LIS 4264.Theory of Information Retrieval (3). Prerequisites: LIS 3267 and 4276. The theory of information retrieval for both text and picture materials. Discussion of various retrieval, query, and knowledge representation methods beyond Boolean models, including vector, probabilistic edge-detection, 2D strings, and associative network models. Elaboration of concepts of retrieval performance, efficiency and effectiveness beyond precision and recall. Retrieval issues of user-interfaces and hypertext are explored.

LIS 4276.Quantitative Methods in Information Studies (3). Prerequisite: MAC 1105. Details practical methods for collecting and analyzing quantitative data. Includes hypothesis testing, analysis of variance, contingency tables, correlation and experimental design.

LIS 4277.Usability and Usefulness of Information Systems (3). Prerequisite: LIS 3232 and 4276. Introduces students to the concepts of cognitive and human information processing, their application to information systems design, and the assessment of the usability and usefulness of information systems.

LIS 4301. Graphic Media Production (2). The understandings, skills and techniques needed for the production and utilization of various types of electronic graphic resources, with particular emphasis on visual literacy, the evaluation of graphic resources, design standards and the visual representation of information.

LIS 4343.Managing Multimedia Information (3). Prerequisite: LIS 4263. An introduction to the use of graphics through various media and mixed formats for presentation and information analysis. Descriptive statistics, locator and statistical maps, and the limitations and use of graphics and mixed formats. Emphasis is given to the critical analysis and evaluation of graphics in response to information-seeking behavior.

LIS 4355.Natural Language Processing for the Information Professional (3). Prerequisite: LIS 3276. Studies the problems and techniques of processing natural language as an approach to providing information services. Introduces the theory of spoken language and how it differs from theories of computer-generated natural language. Includes language pattern recognition and syntactic inference, and semantic networks as applied to information systems.

LIS 4428.Managing Information Resources and Services (3). Prerequisites: three of the following LIS 3232, 3267, 3342, 3602, and 4276. An introduction to management science and administrative issues as applied to information resources management (IRM), information centers, and information services. An empahsis is placed upon management functions, concepts and principles. IRM definitions and issues. IRM implementation and strategies. Life-cycle management, and career opportunities.

LIS 4482.Managing Networks and Telecommunications (3). Prerequisite: LIS 3342. The fundamentals of networking and telecommunications, as a means of providing information services to users. From LANs to the Information Superhighway, the course includes an introduction to voice, data, and video telecommunications concepts, technical requirements, and application issues. Includes the techniques and management of communication systems.

LIS 4488.Network Administration for the Information Professional (3). Prerequisite: LIS 3342. Provides the information and skills necessary to perform competently in the role of network administrator or network system manager within a library and/or information center environment. Introduces students to the design, operation, and management of networked systems from local area networks to the Internet. Includes communication concepts, technical and application issues, with a focus on managing a network.

LIS 4570. Young Adult Media (3). Study of media for young adults in relation to their characteristics, needs, interests, and abilities. Evaluation and use of printed and audiovisual materials.

LIS 4583. Information Needs of Children (3). This course will cover materials for children in relation to their needs, interests, and abilities as well as the evaluation and use of printed and audio-visual materials.

LIS 4606Information Services (3). An introduction to resource location and searching using both print and on-line sources. An emphasis is placed upon the relationship of reference work and other information services in libraries and upon other information-providing agencies.

LIS 4608.Electronic Information Sources and Services (3). Prerequisite: LIS 3602. An introduction to the processes of electronic information retrieval including some theoretical principles, laboratory experiences and selected current research issues.

LIS 4722.Information Representation (3). Prerequisite: LIS 3267 and LIS 3602. Course addresses the principles and techniques of organizing non-bibliographic information sources including unpublished and transitory materials such as archival and manuscript collections, business/office records, ephemera and local databases. Course focuses on locally produced resources created for a narrowly defined, specific, and possibly restricted information user group.

LIS 4770. Information and Image Management (3). Describes the scope and the problems involved in the administrative mangement of records. Emphasis centers upon the importance of managing and controlling records from the time of their creation until their vital diposition.

LIS 4905r. Directed Individual Study (1-3). (S/U grade only.) Guided studies for individual professional and subject needs. May be repeated to a maximum of six (6) semester hours.

LIS 4910.Design Problem (3). Prerequisite: Senior standing. An independent enterprise for which a student designs and implements an information studies project, working under faculty guidance.

LIS 4930r.Special Topics in Information Studies (3). Prerequisites: three of the following LIS 3232, 3267, 3342, 3602, and 4276. A directed and supervised investigation of selected problems, issues, and trends in information studies, with an emphasis on research. It is anticipated that each offering will be different because of the evolving nature of the subject matter. May be repeated to a maximum of six (6) semester hours.

LIS 4938.Seminar in Information Studies (3). Prerequisite: Senior standing and LIS 4233. The intensive reading and preparation of position papers concerning current issues in information studies, followed by discussions of these papers with faculty and information specialists.

LIS 4940r.Internship in Information Studies (1-6). (S/U grade only.) Prerequisite: consent of advisor. Acceptable work experience in the information industry that expands and integrates classroom work. Internship may be paid or unpaid. May be repeated for a maximum of six (6) semester hours.

LIS 4941. Internship in School Library Media Centers (15). (S/U grade only.) Prerequisite: Admission to teacher education. Practice in administrating a school library media center.

Graduate Courses

LIS 5230. Foundations of Information Studies (6).

LIS 5231. Seminar in Information Policy (3).

LIS 5260. Information Science (3).

LIS 5262. Computer Applications for Information Services (3).

LIS 5266. Theory of Information Retrieval (3).

LIS 5271. Research Methods in Information Studies (3).

LIS 5273. Assessing Information Needs (3).

LIS 5275. Usability Analysis (3).

LIS 5315. Design and Production of Media Resources (3).

LIS 5340. Management and Production Techniques for Information Technology (3).

LIS 5341. Information Graphics (3).

LIS 5447. Sociopolitical Process in Information Studies (3).

LIS 5457. Instructional Role of the Informational Specialist (3).

LIS 5458. Leadership and Human Resources Management in the School Library Media Program (3).

LIS 5480. Management of Information Organizations (3).

LIS 5483. Planning, Evaluation and Financial Management (3).

LIS 5484. Managing Networks and Telecommunications (3).

LIS 5485 Human Resources Management (3).

LIS 5487. Information Systems Management (3).

LIS 5489. Network Administration (3).

LIS 5511. Management of Information Collections (3).

LIS 5565. Information Needs of Young Adults (3).

LIS 5576. Information Needs of Adults (3).

LIS 5585. Information Needs of Children (3).

LIS 5603. Introduction to Information Services (3).

LIS 5604. Library Information Services (3).

LIS 5610. Information Needs and Services in the Humanities (3).

LIS 5620. Information Needs and Services in the Social Sciences (3).

LIS 5624. Information Needs and Services in Business (3).

LIS 5630. Information Needs and Services in Science and Technology( 3).

LIS 5661. Information Needs and Service in Government Resources (3).

LIS 5724. Information Representation (3).

LIS 5725. Organization of Information in Libraries (3).

LIS 5726. Advanced Cataloging (3).

LIS 5727. Subject Analysis (3).

LIS 5766. Preservation of Information Materials (3).

LIS 5771. Information and Image Management (3).

LIS 5780. Electronic Information Sources and Services (3).

LIS 5781. Advanced Electronic Information Retrieval (3).

LIS 5782. Database Management Systems (3).

LIS 5900r. Directed Individual Study (1-3). (S/U grade only.)

LIS 5916r. Issues in Information Studies (1-3).

LIS 5945. Internship (0-12). (S/U grade only.)

LIS 6269. Seminar in Information Science (3).

LIS 6279r. Research in Information Studies (3).

LIS 6289. Seminar in Education for Information Studies (3).

LIS 6409. Seminar in Library Administration (3).

LIS 6509. Seminar in Library Resources and Services to Users (3).

LIS 6719. Seminar in Library Technical Services (3).

LIS 6909r. Directed Individual Study (1-8). (S/U grade only.)

LIS 6919r. Issues in Information Studies (1-5).

For listings relating to graduate course work for thesis, dissertation, and master's and doctoral examinations and defense, consult the Graduate Bulletin.


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