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Coordinator: John B. Brennan (International Programs)

The Italian Studies Florence Center Minor is concerned with the culture of Italy from ancient times to the present. The minor is built around the student's program of studies at The Florida State University Florence Study Center, allowing the student to pursue the minor before, during, and after the student attends the Florence Program. The minor gives greater focus to, and enhances the quality of, the students program of studies in Italy. The sojourn in Florence is the essential element in the minor, providing direct involvement in contemporary Italian civilization as well as exposure to Italys historical cultural artifacts.

Requirements for a Minor in Italian Studies

The interdisciplinary minor requires the completion of fifteen (15) semester hours in courses approved by the Italian Studies Florence Center Minor coordinating committee. At least nine (9) semester hours of approved courses must be taken while the student is in residence at the Florence Study Center. A maximum of nine (9) semester hours may be counted in any single academic discipline. Students who intend to minor in Italian studies should declare this intention with the director of the study abroad programs.

The student must have completed at least three (3) semester hours (or the equivalent) in elementary Italian prior to attending the Florence center.

Core Courses

These courses will be counted in the minor whether they are taken on the Tallahassee campus or in Florence. Descriptions of these courses can be found under the individual departments in which they are taught:

ARH 3150 Art and Archaeology of Ancient Italy (3)
ARH 4120 Etruscan Art and Archaeology (3)
ARH 4151 Art and Archaeology of the Early Roman Empire (3)
ARH 4304 History of Renaissance Architecture (3)
ARH 4311 Early Italian Renaissance Art: 15th Century (3)
ARH 4312 Later Italian Renaissance Art: 16th Century (3)
ARH 4352 Southern Baroque Art (3)
CLA 2010 Introduction to Greek and Roman Civilization (3)
CLA 3502 Women, Children, and Slaves in Ancient Rome: The Roman Family (3)
CLA 4447r Studies in Roman History (3)
CLA 4780r Classical Archaeology: Field Work (1-6)
CLA 4880 Roman Law (3)
EUH 3431 Modern Italy (3)
EUH 4140 Renaissance (3)
EUH 4244 Fascism (3)
ITW 3391r Italian Cinema (3)
MUS 2241 Diction in Singing: Italian (1)
PHH 3061 Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy (3)
REL 3505 The Christian Tradition (3)
REL 4564 Modern Roman Catholicism (3)

and all Italian courses on the 2000 level or above.

Note: each student must have completed at least one introductory course in Italian-on the freshman level-prior to studying at the Florence Center in order to qualify for a minor in Italian studies. Note also that courses used to satisfy the Universitys foreign language requirement for the BA degree may not also count in the minor.

Related Courses

These courses may be counted in the minor only when they are taken at the Florence Study Center:

ARH 2000 Art, Architecture, and Artistic Vision (3)
ARH 3050 History and Criticism of Art I (3)
ARH 3051 History and Criticism of Art II (3)
ARH 4211 Early Medieval Art (3)
ARH 4230 Later Medieval Art (3)
CLT 3370 Classical Mythology (3)
EUH 2000 Ancient and Medieval Civilizations (3)
HUM 2221 Humanities: Homer to Gothic (3)
HUM 2236 Humanities: From the Renaissance to the Enlightenment (3)
HUM 4931r Topics in the Civilization of Britain or Italy (3)
IND 4101 History of Interiors I (3)

All other courses offered at the Florence center may be counted provided the Florence Center Minor coordinating committee has given prior approval for their inclusion in the minor. In addition, special topics courses offered on The Florida State University campus on a one-time basis may be counted if they are approved by the coordinating committee. To have such courses considered, petition the Coordinating Committee, University Center A5500.


JAPANESE: see Asian Studies; Modern Languages and Linguistics

LATIN: see Classical Languages, Literature, and Civilization