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Academic Departments and Programs (course descriptions)



Coordinator: Jean Graham-Jones (Modern Languages and Linguistics);
Cooperating Colleges, Schools, and Departments: Anthropology, Business, Economics, Geography, History, Modern Languages and Linguistics, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Religion, Sociology, and Urban and Regional Planning

This undergraduate program is intended for students with a strong interest in Latin America and the Caribbean. Depending on the areas of emphasis selected, the baccalaureate program may be viewed as preparation for graduate school in various fields or as leading to professions in government and international service, multinational commerce, law, teaching, and translation. Majors and minors may wish to consider participation in the related University programs in Costa Rica and Panama.

Note: An average of C- must be earned for courses taken for each of the following majors.

Requirements for a Major in Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Please review all college-wide degree requirements summarized in the College of Arts and Sciences section of this General Bulletin.

The major consists of twenty-four (24) semester hours beyond the liberal studies requirement, which are to be selected from, but not necessarily limited to, those courses listed below. Generally speaking, other courses above the 2999 level may also qualify for major credit provided they contain, as determined by the adviser, a significant emphasis on the study of the Latin American and Caribbean area. At least three of the departments or schools must be represented in courses chosen.

A minimum of twelve (12) of the total major semester hours must be at or above the 4000 level. In order to qualify for completion of the major, the student must also have completed the initial sequence or equivalent of Spanish, Portuguese, or another language considered by the adviser to be relevant to the area of study.


The minor should normally be in one of the participating departments or schools. Requirements are as specified by that department or school.

Honors in the Major

The program offers honors in the major. For requirements and other information, see the University Honors Program and Honor Societies section of this General Bulletin.

Requirements for a Major with a Business Emphasis

Latin American and Caribbean studies offers a business emphasis program of study for its majors who want to develop a career-oriented preprofessional program in business while completing their liberal arts major. There are no special entrance requirements for the business emphasis program. Students who choose this plan must: 1) complete their full College of Arts and Sciences major; 2) satisfy the foreign language requirement in Spanish, and all other regular University requirements; and 3) in lieu of their minor, complete thirty (30) semester hours in business and related courses listed below:

ACG 2021 Introduction to Financial Accounting (3)
ACG 2071 Introduction to Managerial Accounting (3)
ECO 2013 Economics of the National Economy (3)
ECO 2023 Economics of the Price System (3)
MAN 3010 Concepts of Business Management (3)
MAR 3023 Basic Marketing Concepts (3)

The student must also complete two elective courses in business [six (6) semester hours] from the fields of accounting, business law, management, marketing, finance, risk management and insurance, and real estate.

Requirements for a Minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies

A minor will consist of fifteen (15) semester hours of courses chosen from among those included in the list of courses for majors. At least two departments or schools must be represented in the courses selected for the minor.

Recommended Interdisciplinary Courses

Note: descriptions of the following courses can be found under the individual departments in which they are taught:

ANT 4163 Mesoamerican Archaeology (3)
CPO 3034 Politics of Developing Areas (3)
ECO 4704 International Trade (3)
ECO 4713 International Finance (3)
ECS 4013 Economics of Development (3)
GEA 4405 Latin America (3)
INR 4244 Studies in International Politics: Latin America (3)
LAH 3100 History of South America (3)
LAH 3203 History of Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean (3)
LAH 4430 History of Mexico (3)
LAH 4470 History of the Caribbean (3)
LAH 4600 History of Brazil (3)
LAH 4748 Social Revolutionary Movements in Latin America (3)
MUH 4541 Music of Latin America (3)
PHM 3331r Modern Political Philosophy (3).
PHM 3350 Introduction to Marxist Philosophy (3)
PHM 3500 Philosophy of History (3)
PHM 4340r Contemporary Political Thought (3)
POR 2131 Accelerated Portuguese (3)
POR 3132 Accelerated Portuguese (3)
REL 4491r Undergraduate Seminar: Religious Thought (3)
REL 4564 Modern Roman Catholicism (3)
SPN 4440 Business Writing in Spanish (3)
SPN 4520 Spanish-American Culture and Civilization (3)
SPT 3130 Latin American Literature in Translation (3)
SPW 3130 Survey of Spanish-American Literature (3)
SPW 3391r Hispanic Cinema (3)
SPW 3770 Caribbean Literature (3)
SPW 4202 Masterpieces of Spanish-American Literature (3)
SYO 3530 Social Classes and Inequality (3)
SYO 4550 Comparative Sociology (3)
SYP 3400 Social Change (3)

Definition of Prefix

LAS - Latin American Studies

Undergraduate Courses

LAS 4905r. Directed Individual Study (3). May be repeated to a maximum of six (6) semester hours when content varies. Can be repeated within same semester.

LAS 4935r. Honors Work (3). Open to participants in the University and department honors program. Participation in a supervised research problem and the production of a paper describing the results of that work. May be repeated to a maximum of nine (9) semester hours.