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Academic Departments and Programs (course descriptions)

Social Work

School of Social Work

Professors: Bardill, Figley, Gottschalk, Hudson, McNeece, Montgomery, Smith;
Associate Professors: Abell, Maddox, Maxwell, Mazza, Steele, Vinton;
Assistant Professors: Altholz, Crook, Dixon, Graham, Jarmon, Parks;
Associates in Field Instruction: Allen, Houston, Keroack, Lager;
Assistants in Field Instruction: Hardin, Whitlock;
Assistant in Field Instruction and Academic Advising: Mathis;
Associate in Social Work: Lee

The School of Social Work offers programs of study leading to the 1) bachelor of arts (BA) and bachelor of science (BS) degrees, which are designed to enable students to give direct service to individuals, families, groups, and communities at the beginning level of social work practice; 2) master of social work (MSW) degree, which is designed to increase the skills of professional social workers to more advanced competencies acquired through two concentrations or curriculum tracks the clinical social work track and the social services and administrative practice track; and 3) doctor of philosophy (PhD) degree, which is designed to advance the social work profession through the development of researchers/scholars and educators. Doctoral students choose a concentration area of study from among social welfare administration, direct practice, or clinical social work.

For complete details of undergraduate degree requirements, plus a description of the School of Social Work, its opportunities, and available financial assistance, refer to the School of Social Work section of this General Bulletin. Refer to the Graduate Bulletin for graduate programs.

State of Florida Common Course Prerequisites

The State of Florida has identified common course prerequisites for this University degree program. These prerequisites are lower-level courses that are required for preparation for the University major prior to a student receiving a baccalaureate degree from The Florida State University. They may be taken either at a community college or in a university lower-division program. It is preferred that these common course prerequisites be completed in the freshman and sophomore years.

The following lists the common course prerequisites or approved substitutions necessary for this degree program:

Three (3) semester hours in each of the following:

  1. american government (american national government or american government);
  2. biology (human biology or anatomy & physiology);
  3. economics (microeconomics or macroeconomics)[ECO prefix];
  4. introductory psychology;
  5. introductory sociology/social problems.

Definition of Prefix

SOW Social Work

Undergraduate Courses

SOW 1502r. Human Services Experience (1). (S/U grade only.) Work experience in a social agency or community program providing human service. Thirty (30) hours of volunteer work required per hour of credit. May be repeated to a maximum of three (3) semester hours.
SOW 3203. Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare (3). This course surveys the philosophy, history, and services of social welfare as well as the values, methods, and practice settings of the profession of social work.
SOW 3350. Interviewing and Recording in Social Work (3). Overview of the basic elements of interviewing and recording as utilized in various helping professions.
SOW 3701. Alcohol Use and Abuse (2). Course examines the physiological, sociological, cultural, and psychological responses to alcohol use and abuse in the United States. Lectures, group discussion, and experiential learning help students assess their own values in relation to drinking. Alcoholism is discussed as it affects the individual and the family.
SOW 3949. Cooperative Education Work Experience (0). (S/U grade only.)
SOW 4104. Individual and Family Behavior (3). Prerequisites: formal admission to the program; biology; SOW 1502, 3203, 3350. Focuses on the individual and the individual within the family, group, organization, and community. Theoretical explanations of a person’s development and socialization from birth to old age and death are explored. Special emphasis is given to women, the handicapped, and minorities. Majors only.
SOW 4108. Socialization and Stress in the Female Life Cycle (3). Looks at the processes involved in the socialization of females in contemporary American society, the stresses which ensue, and positive steps which can be taken by males and females to prevent/mitigate/ameliorate these stresses.
SOW 4152. Human Sexuality (3). Survey of issues and problems associated with human sexuality, intended for social workers and others in helping professions. Emphasis on sexually oppressed groups, sexual life cycle from a psychosocial perspective, and student’s attitudes and values regarding sexuality.
SOW 4232. Social Welfare Policies and Programs (3). Prerequisites: formal admission to the program; SOW 1502, 3203, 3350; economics and national government. Provides a beginning understanding of the relationship between social policy, social welfare, and American society. Particular attention will be paid to the nature of our present social welfare system and its impact on disadvantaged populations. Majors only.
SOW 4242. Social Services for Families and Children (3). Contemporary practice and policies in the area of social services for families and children. Attention given to historical roots and trends in child welfare services and to the societal values underlying them. Major U.S. programs serving parents and children are examined.
SOW 4323. Theory and Practice of Social Work with Groups (3). Prerequisites: SOW 3203, 3350, 4104, 4341. A practice-oriented course to develop group leaders who have an understanding of group dynamics and possess effective leadership skills to facilitate group development and work. The course will focus on both task and treatment groups. The approaches have application to a broad segment of social work clients. Majors only.
SOW 4332. Theory and Practice of Community Organization (3). Prerequisites: SOW 3203, 3350, 4104, 4341. Examines contemporary models of social work practice from a macro-systems perspective. Community organizing, social planning, and the tactical use of group structures and processes in community organizing are emphasized as strategic processes in the identification, prevention, and solution of major social problems. Majors only.
SOW 4341. Social Work with Individuals and Families (3). Prerequisites: formal admission to the program; SOW 1502, 3203, 3350. A beginning course in social work direct practice with individuals and families. Content includes: social work values, assessment, contracts, crisis intervention, family systems techniques, recording, working with minority and women clients, and termination. Skill development component. Majors only.
SOW 4403. Introduction to Social Work Research (4). Prerequisites: formal admission to the program; SOW 3203, 3350. An overview of methods and issues in social research designed to teach students to be critical consumers of others research as well as to provide them an experience in conducting their own research. Includes design, data collection, data analysis, and interpretation. Methods of evaluating practice are presented. Majors only.
SOW 4414. Measurements in Social Work Research (3). Prerequisites: formal admission to the program; SOW 3203, 3350, 4403. Statistical procedures which have practical application to research in the social work profession. Majors only.
SOW 4510. Undergraduate Field Instruction (12). (S/U grade only.) Prerequisites: Completion of all required social work courses; a 3.0 GPA in social work courses; consent of adviser; Corequisite: SOW 4522. Supervised direct service experience in a social agency taught on a block basis [thirty-two (32) hours per week]. Internships are available fall, spring, and summer semesters. Due to a limited number of agencies in the Tallahassee area, however, most students are placed outside of this area. Students should plan for the possibility of relocation. Students must submit an application to the office of field instruction. Majors only.
SOW 4522. Integrative Field Seminar (3). To be taken concurrently with SOW 4510. Designed to assist students in integrating theoretical concepts with actual social work practice; examines professional issues faced by practitioners. Majors only.
SOW 4602. Social Work in Health Settings (3). Exploration of the characteristics of health and medical care programs in the U.S. and the parameters of social work practice within them. Patterns of service delivery, standards, rural-urban differences, and racial/ethnic and gender considerations in service delivery are addressed.
SOW 4622. Social Work with Black Families (3). Theories and research relevant to examining selected forces that impact on African-American family structures and functions. Major consideration is given to misconceptions, misplaced emphasis, and myths about the African-American family in contemporary America and to appropriate models and strategies for intervention.
SOW 4624. Mental Health of Minorities and Women (3). Circumstances of ethnic minority group members and women in contemporary American society and the effects of these circumstances on their mental health.
SOW 4633. The Social Worker in the Public School System (3). Designed to give students an in-depth understanding of current school social work practices; focuses on the multidisciplinary team approach, alternative models of service delivery, the impact of Florida and federal legislation, and the characteristics of client problems encountered in the field.
SOW 4645. Aging and Old Age: Social Work with the Aged (3). An introduction to the field of aging. Course purposes include making students aware of their own attitudes toward aging and the aged, dispelling myths and stereotypes about the aged, and assessing past and present efforts to meet the needs of the elderly.
SOW 4654. Social Work With Children (3). Designed to increase the knowledge and understanding essential for effective interventions in the psychological and behavioral disorders of children and to develop special skills in working with children and their parents in the area of direct social work practice.
SOW 4681. Mental Retardation: New Service Models (3). Course identifies policies, regulations, proposed legislation, or laws dealing with the problem of mental retardation. Addresses the major research contributions to the field of retardation and the implications of this research for practice. Focuses on the interdisciplinary systems of services needed by the retarded.
SOW 4702. Chemical Dependency Problems and Programs (3). Students are introduced to the etiology and epidemiology of chemical dependency. Both physiological and psychological aspects of addiction are covered. Major programs and treatment modalities used in social work practice for chemically dependent clients are examined.
SOW 4905r. Directed Individual Study (1-4). Prerequisites: Eight (8) credit hours in social work; 2.75 GPA; consent of instructor. May be repeated to a maximum of eight (8) semester hours. See departmental guidelines.
SOW 4911r. Honors Work in Social Work (1-4). Prerequisites: Junior standing; 3.2 or higher GPA; at least one term of twelve (12) or more semester hours; junior college transfers with membership in Phi Theta Kappa may be admitted directly. A thesis, completed over a period of two or three semesters, based on traditional library research and critical analysis. May be repeated up to eight (8) semester hours.
SOW 4935r. Seminar in Social Work: Selected Topics (3). May be repeated to a maximum of nine (9) semester hours as topics change.

Graduate Courses

SOW 5105. Human Behavior and the Social Environment I (3).
SOW 5106. Human Behavior and the Social Environment II (3).
SOW 5109. Socialization and Stress in the Female Life Cycle (3).
SOW 5125. Psychopathology in Clinical Practice (3).
SOW 5153. Human Sexuality (3).
SOW 5156. Emotional and Social Aspects of Illness (3).
SOW 5214r. Policy Innovations in Social Welfare (3).
SOW 5235. Social Welfare Policies and Services(3).
SOW 5282. Legislative Advocacy (3).
SOW 5324. Group Treatment Principles and Techniques (3).
SOW 5334. Seminar in Community Organization (3).
SOW 5340. Theory and Practice of Poetry Therapy (3).
SOW 5342. Practice I: Social Work Practice with Individuals, Families, and Small Groups (4).
SOW 5344. Practice II: Social Work with Task Groups, Communities, and Organizations (3).
SOW 5345. Organizational and Community-Based Practice (3).
SOW 5353. Marital and Couple Counseling in Social Work Practice (3).
SOW 5363. Evaluation of Social Work Practice (3).
SOW 5364. Theory and Practice of Psychodynamic Social Work (3).
SOW 5365. Behavioral Approaches to Social Work Practice (3).
SOW 5366. Social Networking and Case Management in Social Work (3).
SOW 5367. Theory and Practice of Crisis Intervention and Brief Treatment (3).
SOW 5369. Integrative Seminar in Advanced Social Work Practice (3).
SOW 5372. Supervision, Consultation, and Staff Development in Social Work (3).
SOW 5383. Theory and Practice of Administration for the Human Services (3).
SOW 5404. Introduction to Social Work Research (4).
SOW 5435. Evaluation Research (3).
SOW 5455. Grant Writing and Grant Management (3).
SOW 5532r. Graduate Field Instruction I (5-10). (S/U grade only.)
SOW 5535r. Advanced Field Instruction (6-12). (S/U grade only.)
SOW 5537r. Field Instruction: Special Placement (3-12). (S/U grade only.)
SOW 5603. Social Work in Health Settings (3).
SOW 5611. Family Counseling in Social Work (3).
SOW 5612. Intensive Family Practice in Social Work (3).
SOW 5614. Family Violence Across the Life Span (3).
SOW 5623. Social Work with Black Families (3).
SOW 5625. Mental Health of Minorities and Women (3).
SOW 5635. The Social Worker in the Public School System (3).
SOW 5646. Aging and Old Age: Social Work with the Aged (3).
SOW 5655. Social Work with Children (3).
SOW 5656. Child Welfare Practice (3).
SOW 5670. Theory and Practice of Poetry Therapy (3).
SOW 5683. Mental Retardation: Social Work Practice and Issues (3).
SOW 5712. Chemical Dependency Problems and Programs (3).
SOW 5908r. Directed Individual Study (1-4). (S/U grade only.)
SOW 5915r. Supervised Research (1-3).
SOW 5938r. Social Work Seminars: Selected Topics (3).
SOW 5941r. Supervised Teaching (1-3). (S/U grade only.)
SOW 6358. Assessment Methods in Social Work Practice Research (3).
SOW 6398. History and Philosophy of Social Welfare Services and Policies (3).
SOW 6399. Social Policy Analysis (3).
SOW 6492. Theory, Design, and Problem Formulation in Social Work (3).
SOW 6494. Advanced Research in Social Work (3).
SOW 6693. Theories and Models of Social Work Practice (3).
SOW 6694. Research Issues in Direct Practice (3).
SOW 6696. Course Design and Curriculum Building in Social Work (3).
SOW 6697. Philosophies of Science in Social Work (3).
SOW 6904r. Reading in Social Work/Social Welfare (1-6). (S/U grade only.)
SOW 6909r. Directed Individual Study (1-6). (S/U grade only.)
SOW 6916r. Supervised Research (1-5). (S/U grade only.)
SOW 6936r. Dissertation Seminar (2-5). (S/U grade only.)
SOW 6938r. Selected Topics in Social Work (3).
SOW 6942r. Supervised Teaching (1-3). (S/U grade only.)
SOW 6945r. Family Therapy Practica (1-12). May be repeated a maximum of five (5) semester hours.
SOW 6960. Preliminary Prep (0-12). (S/U grade only.)

For listings relating to graduate course work for thesis, dissertation, and masters and doctoral examinations and defense, consult the Graduate Bulletin.