Academic Regulations And Procedures
Academic Honor System
Academic Honor Code
Violations of the Academic Honor Code
Student Responsibility
Faculty Responsibility
Academic Penalties
University Judicial Officer Responsibilities
Student Supreme Court Responsibilities
Honor System Committee
Amendment Procedures
General Academic Appeals Process
Release of Student Information
University Notification to Students
Request to Prevent Publication of Directory Information
Class Attendance
Religious Holy Days
Classification of Students
Special (Non-Degree Seeking) Student Regulations
Course Loads
Course Examinations
Grading System
Grade Point Average
Dean's List
Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grading
Grading Practices
Grade Appeals System
Forgiveness Policy
Academic Retention
Withdrawal from the University
Second Majors and Academic Regulations
Correspondence Study
Experimental Undergraduate Programs
Transfer Credit
Credit for Nontraditional Course, Including Short Courses
Programs for Acceleration
Early Admission
Credit by Examination
International Baccalaureate Program
General Credit Limitations