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2017-2018 Graduate Bulletin

Program in Interdisciplinary Humanities

College of Arts and Sciences

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Program Director: Martin Kavka; Graduate Advisor: Allen Romano; Graduate Teaching Supervisor: Kathryn Cashin; Undergraduate Advisor: Kathryn Stoddard; PIH Steering Committee: Michael Carrasco (Art History), David Gants (English), Tarez Samra Graban (English), Edward Gray (History), Will Hanley (History), Martin Kavka (PIH), Paul Marty (CCI), Lisa Wakamiya (Modern Languages and Linguistics)

As of December 2009, the Program in Interdisciplinary Humanities has suspended admission into the doctoral program.

A major in Digital Humanities, as part of the already existing MA in Interdisciplinary Humanities, allows students to create, curate, and analyze humanistic resources, answering those questions that humanists have long askedquestions about what artifacts and texts mean, and questions about how those artifacts and texts function (or have functioned) for the communities that use (or used) them.

All graduate students are required to make an appointment with the program director to approve coursework for the following term.

Please refer to the department Web site at for additional information pertaining to graduate programs in Humanities.

Requirements for the Interdisciplinary Master’s Program in Humanities

Please review all college-wide requirements summarized in the “College of Arts and Sciences” chapter in this Graduate Bulletin.

At the master’s level, the Interdisciplinary Humanities Program offers a thirty-three semester hour non-thesis program with a major in Digital Humanities.


The following criteria must be met to be admitted to the master’s program: 1) a bachelor’s degree in any field; 2) a Graduate Record Examination (GRE) score of 1000 and a minimum grade point average of 3.0 or higher in all work attempted as an upper-division student working for a baccalaureate degree; and 3) three letters of recommendation.


Students are required to complete coursework in three areas:

  1. A core of twelve hours: HUM 5835, HUM 5837, HUM 5838, and a digital project which each student pursues in his or her area of interest.
  2. At least twelve hours of courses that build skills in Digital Humanities. Such courses may be humanities courses with a particular focus in digital humanities or courses which have as their subject specific skill sets relevant to work in digital humanities. These include courses in a variety of departments and schools within the University (for example: Art, Communication, Computing, English, Geography, History, Museum Studies). A list of suggested courses in this area is maintained online. Students will choose these courses in consultation with the graduate advisor.
  3. Up to nine hours in graduate courses offered by humanities departments but not focusing explicitly on digital methods and approaches.
  4. Students are expected to take part in the Digital Scholars Reading Group, when offered, by registering for ENG 5998r (Tutorial in English) on an S/U basis.

For a full description of Digital Humanities MA major and its requirements, contact the graduate advisor, Allen Romano, at

Definition of Prefixes


Graduate Courses

HUM 5227. The Humanistic Tradition: Greek and Roman (3). Studies in the thought, values, and arts of Greek and Roman culture.

HUM 5245. The Humanistic Tradition: Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque (3). Studies in the thought, values, and arts of Western culture from the early Christian era through the Renaissance and baroque periods.

HUM 5253. The Humanistic Tradition: The Modern World (3). Studies in the thought, values, and arts of modern Western culture.

HUM 5835. Introduction to Digital Humanities I (3). This course introduces students to the history, theory, and methodological practices of Digital Humanities. The course is open to graduate students from any discipline; for MA students in Digital Humanities in PIH the course should be taken concurrently with intro to Digital Humanities II.

HUM 5837. Introduction to Digital Humanities II (3). This course is a hands-on workshop wherein students put into practice skills and techniques current in Digital Humanities. For Digital Humanities MA majors, it is designed to be taken concurrently with HUM 5835.

HUM 5838. Digital Pedagogy (3). This course provides students with the intellectual background and practical experience needed to make informed and reflective judgments about how, when, and why to use (or not use) digital technology in teaching. It serves both as the required pedagogy course for the Humanities MA program in Digital Humanities and as a seminar in digital pedagogy.

HUM 5909r. Directed Individual Study (3). (S/U grade only). May be repeated to a maximum of nine semester hours.

HUM 5915r. Supervised Research (1–5). (S/U grade only). A maximum of three semester hours may be applied to a master’s degree. May be repeated to a maximum of five semester hours.

HUM 5938r. Interdisciplinary Topics (3). This course provides students from any discipline with an integrated interdisciplinary learning experience. The course is taught by instructors from at least two different departments and/or colleges. Topics vary. May be repeated to a maximum of eighteen semester hours.

HUM 5940r. Supervised Teaching (0–5). (S/U grade only). A maximum of three semester hours may be applied to a master’s degree. May be repeated to a maximum of five semester hours.

HUM 6904r. Readings for Examination (1–12). (S/U grade only). Designated for graduate students who have completed, or have virtually completed, all of their required coursework and are preparing for their master’s comprehensive examinations or their preliminary doctoral examinations. May be repeated to a maximum of twelve semester hours.

HUM 6939r. Seminar Topics (3). May be repeated to a maximum of fifteen semester hours.

HUM 6980r. Dissertation (1–12). (S/U grade only).

HUM 8964r. Preliminary Doctoral Examination (0). (P/F grade only.)

HUM 8966r. Master’s Comprehensive Examination (0). (P/F grade only.)

HUM 8985r. Dissertation Defense (0). (P/F grade only.)


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