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2016-2017 General Bulletin - Undergraduate Edition

The Undergraduate Edition of the 2016-2017 General Bulletin Is available now as a PDF version (download (7 MB) or view in your browser).

2016 - 2017 General Bulletin HTML Version

If you want to page through the General Bulletin you may do so from the links in the Table of Contents below. For your convenience the HTML version of the General Bulletin is divided into the following three sections, which group related items together:

  • Policies, Information, Administration, & Distinguished Faculty includes, but is not limited to, Admissions, Financial Information and Financial Aid, Academic Regulations and Procedures, and Undergraduate Degree Requirements. This section also includes a listing of the University Administration and Distinguished Faculty.
  • Colleges contains detailed information on each of the seventeen colleges at Florida State University.
  • Academic Departments contains program descriptions, courses of study, and curricula for each academic program or department at the University that offers opportunities for undergraduates.

The current General Bulletin and several past editions are also available in PDF format.

Table of Contents