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Certified Electronic Diploma

Certified Electronic Diploma (CeDiploma®) Overview

FSU now offers a Certified Electronic Diploma (CeDiploma).

Key Benefits

The CeDiploma is more than a paper credential. The document is an official, portable, and verifiable electronic version of your accomplishment that can be shared for a lifetime!

The CeDiploma is more versatile than an eDiploma. Each CeDiploma provides a 12-digit, certified electronic document identifier (CeDiD). When used with Validation Services, your CeDiD is the key to your credential information for employers, agencies, and more!

The CeDiploma differs from a transcript in several key ways:

  • It allows for unlimited sharing with employers, family, friends and social media.
  • It demonstrates proof of education much like a transcript.
    • It shows only the most important details, making it easy for employers and organizations to read and understand it.
  • It enhances your resume.
    • Just provide your CeDiD and school's URL on your resume to highlight your achievement and expedite the verification process for potential employers.

For graduates of Summer 2017 and beyond, you can reserve and/or download your CeDiploma for $10.95.



Purchasing a CeDiploma

To purchase a CeDiploma, follow these steps:

    1. Log on to with your FSUID and password.
    2. If you’re a current student, on the left side of the page expand the Academics menu and click View Graduation Status.
    If you’re an alum, on the left side of the page expand the Alumni and Former Students menu and click View Graduation Status.
    Orders Page
    3. The Graduation Status page appears. Click the Orders Page link, shown highlighted in yellow above.
    4. Click Continue, and follow the subsequent steps through the payment process.
    5. Your CeDiploma will be sent by email to your official FSU email account.

Security Features

The CeDiploma is highly secure.

  • The university's website can independently validate each CeDiploma by future employers, state government licensing agencies, and any other entity who wishes to validate your achievement.
  • The document is digitally signed and encrypted such that it is trusted and more readily accepted.
  • For security reasons, the electronic credential cannot be printed.

For more information please visit

NOTE: A CeDiploma may not be available for all conferral dates.

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