Florida State University Security Number (FSUSN)

The Florida State University security number (FSUSN) is a randomly-generated number assigned to students of the University to better secure identity on campus. FSUSNs are nine (9) characters long beginning with two (2) alpha characters followed by seven (7) numbers. Example: AB1234567

Students have already been assigned an FSUSN. To access FSUSN, please follow the directions below. Note that this number is private so students should not share, post, or display it in public.

  1. Log on to Blackboard at campus.fsu.edu.
  2. Click the Secure Apps tab.
  3. Read and accept the Secure Applications Policy.
  4. Click the FSUID Identity Management link.
  5. From Quick Links, click See Your FSUSN.
  6. Type your FSUID and password (i.e. your Blackboard username/password) or your FSUCard number and your SSN.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. Your FSUSN appears in a yellow box.

The Registrar transitioned from SSN to FSUSN December 6, 2007. The University-wide transition will continue over the next year as departments make adjustments to their systems and processes.

During this transition, students may be asked for either SSN or FSUSN. While the FSUSN is now the student's primary identifier on campus, SSN may be necessary when completing employment papers, tax documents, or other financial materials as mandated by Federal law.


The FSUSN is not the same as, nor does it replace, FSUID.

For Employees

The Northwest system's FSUSN field is a multipurpose field. Always begin by asking the student his or her name to look up the record. Then verify the student's identity with a second piece of information. In most cases, this can be the FSUSN. If an employee asks a student for their FSUSN and they do not know it, students should be asked for their FSUID (i.e. Blackboard username) and a picture ID. After the FSUID is entered in the FSUSN field, the FSUSN displays.

FSUSN Transition Project: This page details web applications scheduled for production.