Florida State University EMPLID

An EMPLID is a unique, nine-digit number issued to all Prospective Students, Admitted or Current Students, Faculty and Staff, and Sponsored Guests of Florida State University. Information about how to retrieve your EMPLID can be found at http://faq.its.fsu.edu/Computing/Accounts/EMPLID/What-is-an-EMPLID-and-how-do-I-get-mine.

The EMPLID is required to activate an FSUID account.

The EMPLID is not the same as, nor does it replace, FSUID.

For Employees

Student Central’s EMPLID field is a multipurpose field. Always begin by asking the student his or her name to look up the record. Then verify the student's identity with a second piece of information. In most cases, this can be the EMPLID. If an employee asks a student for their EMPLID and they do not know it, students should be asked for their FSUID (i.e. Blackboard username) and a picture ID.