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2023-2024 Graduate Bulletin

Graduate Certificate in

Event Management

Dedman College of Hospitality

Program Coordinator: Lydia Hanks

Please Note: as of November 1, 2016, admission to the program has been suspended with the intent to terminate the program. Applications are no longer being accepted. Students previously accepted to the program should contact the Certificate Program Coordinator at

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Graduate Courses

LEI 5185. Current Issues in Leisure (1). This course addresses the current issues facing the profession and the practitioner of leisure services.

LEI 5316. Event Planning Management (3). This course focuses on managerial aspects of event operations such as economic impact, assessment, infrastructure, safe operations, staging and production, food and beverage operations, vendors, and volunteers.

LEI 5317. Event Management Issues in Ethics and Risk Management (3). This course focuses on issues and considerations in event planning ethics, risk management, and safety.

LEI 5530. Problems of Staff Development (3). This course is an in-depth analysis of the issues and problems related to working with staff members. Designed to enhance the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully motivate, train, appraise performance, and compensate staff members.

LEI 5555. Analysis and Management of Leisure Systems (3). This course is an analysis and evaluation of leisure systems, operations, programs, personnel, and fiscal resources from a quantitative and qualitative perspective.

LEI 5563. Event Marketing (3). This course focuses on the components required for development of marketing plans for the various venues in the special events industry, including sponsorship acquisition.

LEI 5576. Fiscal Policy and Management of Leisure Systems (3). This course is an analysis of financial management policies and practices of leisure delivery systems.

LEI 5815. Leisure Education (3). This course helps develop the knowledge and skill to enable student to conceptualize and design programs, services, and strategies to educate public on leisure.

LEI 5889. Research in Leisure Services (3). This course is a critique of research, the sources and the skills of constructing research designs.

LEI 5908r. Directed Individual Study (1–3). May be repeated to a maximum of twelve semester hours.

LEI 5915r. Supervised Research (1–4). (S/U grade only).. A maximum of three semester hours may apply to the master's degree. May be repeated to a maximum of four semester hours

LEI 5930r. Special Topics in Recreation and Leisure (1–3). In this course, topics of current or special interest in recreation and leisure services are studied in depth. May be repeated for a maximum of twelve semester hours.

LEI 5941. Practicum in Leisure Services (9). This practicum gives students full-time experience in a leisure agency under the supervision of a professional practitioner.

LEI 5942. Practicum in Events Management (3). LEI 5316(C or higher), LEI 5317(C or higher), and LEI 5563(C or higher); must be accepted to Events Management Certificate Program; and must have 3.0 overall GPA for certificate courses. Students must earn a B or higher to pass the course. This course provides students with an opportunity to apply knowledge, skills, and attitudes developed during their academic preparation. The course aims to help students gain valuable experience in management of events. Students complete a minimum of 150 hours over an extended period of time, but not less than twelve weeks.

LEI 5944r. Fieldwork in Leisure Services (1–3). This course is designed to provide the student an opportunity to gain practical experience by working in a leisure setting. May be repeated to a maximum of six semester hours.

LEI 5945r. Supervised Teaching (1–5). (S/U grade only).. A maximum of three hours may apply to the master's degree. May be repeated to a maximum of five semester hours.

LEI 5971r. Thesis (1–6). (S/U grade only). A minimum of six semester hours is required.

LEI 8966r. Master's Comprehensive Examination (0). (P/F grade only.)