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2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin

Undergraduate Program in

Actuarial Science

College of Arts and Sciences


Coordinator: Steve Paris (Mathematics); Advisory Committee: Kercheval (Mathematics); Beaumont, Benson (Economics); Whalley (Computer Science); Born (Risk Management/Insurance); Gatzlaff, Maroney (Risk Management/Insurance, MBA); Chicken, Huffer (Statistics); Icerman (Accounting); Christiansen (Finance)

This interdisciplinary degree provides broad instruction in the mathematical and statistical concepts underlying the operations of life, property, and casualty insurers; governmental regulatory agencies; pension and insurance consulting firms; and financial firms. Along with strong mathematical and computational skills and a solid grounding in each of the component disciplines, the program is designed to enhance leadership ability and communications skills. The program is also flexible enough to provide background for graduate or professional study in many areas beyond actuarial science, e.g., business, economics, finance, law, and statistics. The program is classified by the professional actuarial societies as advanced undergraduate and graduate education and research. All three of the actuarial professional societies' Validation by Educational Experience credit areas are approved; this provides FSU students an opportunity to directly advance their careers through their regular classes.

Students in the program are also assisted in moving forward professionally through seminars and tutorials in preparation for national actuarial examinations and by guest lecturers who are actuaries discussing the varied available employment.

Computer Skills Competency

All undergraduates at Florida State University must demonstrate basic computer skills competency prior to graduation. As necessary computer competency skills vary from discipline to discipline, each major determines the courses needed to satisfy this requirement. Undergraduate majors in actuarial science satisfy this requirement by earning a grade of "C–" or higher in COP 3014 or ISC 3313.

State of Florida Common Program Prerequisites

The state of Florida has identified common program prerequisites for this University degree program. Specific prerequisites are required for admission into the upper-division program and must be completed by the student at either a community college or a state university prior to being admitted to this program. Students may be admitted into the University without completing the prerequisites, but may not be admitted into the program.

At the time this document was published, some common program prerequisites were being reviewed by the state of Florida and may have been revised. Please visit for a current list of state-approved prerequisites.

The following lists the common program prerequisites or their substitutions, necessary for admission into this upper-division degree program:

Actuarial Science

  1. COP XXXX: a scientific programming course for three credit hours designed for computer science majors
  2. ECO X013
  3. ECO X023
  4. MAC X311
  5. MAC X312
  6. MAC X313

Note: A "C" grade or better in all coursework is required for admission.

For curriculum information, please see the "Department of Mathematics" chapter in this General Bulletin and the departmental Website at


see Educational Leadership and Policy Studies; Educational Psychology and Learning Systems


see Communication


see Mechanical Engineering