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2018-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin

Department of

Art Education

College of Fine Arts

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Chair: David E. Gussak; Professors: Gussak, McRorie, Shamp, Villeneuve; Associate Professor: Bell, Broome; Assistant Professors: Cuyler, Love, Shield, Van Lith

Note: The undergraduate Art Education degree is no longer offered. The department offers a five-year BA in Art/MS in Art Education combined degree program to prepare students for a career as an art teacher. This program enables undergraduate students who receive a bachelor's degree, with one additional year of coursework from the department of art education, to fulfill teacher certification requirements. Please contact the Department of Art Education for the requirements for this program and refer to the Department of Art Education chapter in the Graduate Bulletin.

The primary mission of the five-year combined program is to prepare certified art teachers for public and private school service. Students have the opportunity to participate in the University's Florence, London, or other international programs as part of their course of studies prior to their junior year. Extensive in-school observation and participation are required.

The Department of Art Education's paradigm program is art for life. The department focuses on authentic, socially centralized teacher preparation, emphasizing studio art, critical inquiry into art and visual culture, appropriate technologies, and creative activity. Our goal is to prepare candidates who are well prepared for their roles as art educators in real-world communities.

Arts and Community Practice Specialist Studies Program

The specialist studies program in the arts and community practice is designed for undergraduate and graduate students who wish to develop a focused concentration on the application of the arts to community development. This is inclusive of groups and families and addresses all stages of human development. Particular attention will be given to prevention, enrichment, and response to social concerns.

Program requirements are based on the integration of the theoretical and practical aspects of dance, art education/therapy, and community-based generalist/clinical social work. Requirements include coursework in art education/therapy, dance, and social work totaling at least twelve semester hours with at least three semester hours taken from each program in certificate-approved courses (see department). Students must earn a "B" average in all courses taken for the certificate. An additional requirement is the completion of a major paper or project linking theory and practice. The program of study must be approved by the department.

Students must have a minimum 3.0 GPA to be accepted into the certificate program.

Definition of Prefix

ARE—Art Education

Undergraduate Courses

ARE 4042. Theory and Practice I (3). Prerequisite: Admission to the Art Education Teacher Certification program. Corequisite: ARE 4144. This course includes the theoretical, historical, philosophical, and sociological underpinnings for the development of curriculum for and the practice of art education in both primary and secondary schools. Observation in the public schools is required.

ARE 4144. Human Development and Learning in Art (3). Prerequisite: Admission to the Art Education Teacher Certification program. Corequisite: ARE 4042. This course provides a theoretical foundation for understanding what children know and learn through artistic inquiry and expression. The course emphasizes practical application of this knowledge to curriculum development and lesson planning. Observation in the public schools is required.

ARE 4294. Art Museum Education (3). Prerequisite: ARE 4930. This course builds on the base established in the prerequisite course ARE 4930, Museum Education. This course addresses education in the art museum context.

ARE 4550C. Art Therapy/Special Populations (3). This course explores definitions of art therapy, the development of the discipline, the exploration of special populations, human relations, and the related concepts in art education and art therapy.

ARE 4905r. Directed Individual Study (1–3). May be repeated to a maximum of nine semester hours.

ARE 4930r. Introduction to Arts Administration (3). This seminar style course introduces students to arts administration by exploring basic administration and management principles as they relate to the visual and performing arts. The course also features off-campus site visits to local arts and culture organizations and applied hands-on interaction. May be repeated to a maximum of six semester hours.

ARE 4940. Student Teaching in Art (9). (S/U grade only.) This course facilitates clinical experience teaching art in a public school assignment.

ARE 4950. Portfolio in Art Education (3). Prerequisites: ARE 4042, ARE 4043, ARE 4144, and ARE 4550C. Corequisite: ARE 4940. This course, taken in conjunction with student teaching, documents student progress in mastering the 12 Accomplished Practices by preparing professional portfolios for both the elementary and secondary art teaching levels.

Graduate Courses

ARE 5046. Art Education Theory and Practice I (3).

ARE 5047. Art Education Theory and Practice II (6).

ARE 5145. Human Development and Learning in Art (3).

ARE 5245. Program Development for Educational and Community Contexts (3).

ARE 5246. Contemporary and Historical Issues in Art Education (3).

ARE 5253. Arts in Community Engagement (3).

ARE 5256r. Visitor-Centered Exhibitions (3-6).

ARE 5257r. Visitor Studies (3-6).

ARE 5258. Museum Education (3).

ARE 5262. Principles of Arts Administration (3).

ARE 5295. Art Museum Education (3).

ARE 5304. Art in Childhood Education (3).

ARE 5358. Art for Life (3).

ARE 5382. Introduction to Counseling for Art Therapists (3).

ARE 5460. Therapeutic Use of Art Materials (3).

ARE 5551. Art Therapy and Group Counseling (3).

ARE 5552. Assessment for the Practice of Art Therapy (3).

ARE 5554. Special Populations (3).

ARE 5555. Advanced Art Therapy (3).

ARE 5558. Multicultural Issues in Art Therapy (3).

ARE 5640. Ethics and Professional Issues (3).

ARE 5641. Critical Analysis (3).

ARE 5649. Theories of Art Therapy (3).

ARE 5665. Leading the Arts Organization (3).

ARE 5745. Research Survey (3).

ARE 5865. Cultural Policy (3).

ARE 5867. Grant Writing and Development in the Arts (3).

ARE 5906r. Directed Individual Study (1–3).

ARE 5910r. Supervised Research (1–5). (S/U grade only.)

ARE 5930r. Special Topics in Art Education (1–3).

ARE 5934r. Special Topics: Art Therapy Issues (1–3).

ARE 5935r. Seminar: Current and Comparative Studies in Art Education (3).

ARE 5940. Supervised Teaching (9). (S/U grade only.)

ARE 5940L. Field Studies (1–3). (S/U grade only.)

ARE 5941. Practicum I (3).

ARE 5942. Practicum II (3).

ARE 5943. Practicum III (3).

ARE 5944r. Field Laboratory Internship (1–9). (S/U grade only.)

ARE 5950. Seminar and Professional Practices in Art Education (3).

ARE 6905r. Directed Individual Study (3). (P/F grade only.)

For listings relating to graduate coursework for thesis, dissertation, and master's and doctoral examinations and defense, consult the Graduate Bulletin.