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2020-2021 Undergraduate Bulletin

Materials Science and Engineering

Undergraduate Programs

The Graduate School


Director: Eric Hellstrom

Materials Science and Engineering is an interdisciplinary graduate program that leads to the degrees of Master of Science (MS) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Materials Science and Engineering. Students interested in this program have a wide variety of backgrounds: engineering disciplines (including: biomedical, civil, chemical, computer, engineering physics, environmental, industrial, manufacturing, materials science, mechanical), applied mathematics, biology, chemistry, geology, and physics. Participating faculty hold appointments in Biological Science, Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, and Scientific Computing.

The curriculum requires core and specialization courses, plus a thesis or dissertation. The core courses are designed to give students from the various disciplines a common background in materials. The courses for the degrees are taught within the participating departments.

Definition of Prefix

ISC—Interdisciplinary Sciences

Graduate Courses

ISC 5905r. Directed Independent Study - MS&E (1–12). (S/U grade only.)

ISC 5937r. Interdisciplinary Seminar Series - MS&E (0). (S/U grade only.)

ISC 6970r. Thesis Research - MS&E (1–12). (S/U grade only.)

ISC 6976r. Master's Thesis Defense-MS&E (0). (P/F grade only.) May be repeated with instructor permission.

ISC 8960r. PhD Preliminary Exam - MS&E (0). (P/F grade only.)

ISC 8980r. Dissertation Research - MS&E (1–12). (S/U grade only.)

ISC 8983r. PhD Dissertation Defense- MS&E (0). (P/F grade only.) May be repeated with instructor permission.

For listings relating to graduate coursework for thesis, dissertation, and master's and doctoral examinations and defense, consult the Graduate Bulletin.


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