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2018-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin


College of Medicine

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Department of Biomedical Sciences-Chair: Richard Nowakowski; Professors: Blaber, Delp, Diaz, Galasko, Hajcak, Hurt, Kabbaj, Laywell, Levenson, Nowakowski, Olcese, Overton, Patrick, Ren, Stefanovic, Y. Wang; Associate Professors: Arbeitman, Blackmon, Gunjan, Horabin, Kato, Kumar, Leadem, C. Lee, Megraw, Pinto, Stanwood, Zhou; Assistant Professors: Meckes, Tomko, Y. Wang; Eminent Scholar: Bhide; Research Faculty I: Connolly, Duclot, Graham, Jin, Kao, McCarthy, Nemec, Rodriguez, Vied, Wu, Zhang, Zorio; Research Faculty II: Bienkiewicz; Assistants in Medicine: Livingston; Associates in Research: Didier, Foster

Department of Clinical Sciences-Chair: Jonathan Appelbaum; Professors: Applebaum, Berg, Bland, Bush, Maitland, Muszynski, Sandroni, Watson, Wetherby; Associate Professors: Alexandraki, Danforth, Khajavi, Rahangdale, Stavros, Sweeney; Research Faculty I: Daly Holland, C. Nottke

Department of Family Medicine and Rural Health-Chair: Daniel Van Durme; Professors: Dunn, Fogarty, Littles, McLeod, Van Durme; Associate Professors: Brown-Speights, R. Campbell, Harrison, Quintero; Assistant Professors: Alexander, Flowers, Myers, Speights, Welch; Instructional Specialist II: Clark; Assistant in Medicine: LaJoie

Department of Geriatrics-Chair: Paul Katz; Professors: Granville, Kapp, Katz, Pomidor; Associate Professors: Agens, Suchak, Terracciano, Turner; Assistant Professor: Wagner; Research Faculty I: A. Nowakowski

Department of Behavioral Sciences and Social Medicine-Chair: Leslie Beitsch; Professors:, Beitsch, Glueckauf, Harman, Naar, Rust; Associate Professors: Flynn, Gabriel, Gerend, Hayes, Jean-Pierre, Nair-Collins, Painter, Reyes, Rosado, Sutin; Assistant Professors: Blackburn, Brownstein, Carretta, Saunders, Sualdea; Senior Research Associate: Aubrey; Assistants in Research: Geletko; Research Faculty I: Babcock, Dark, Goldfarb, Houser, Kinsell, Luchetti, Mitchell; Faculty Administrator: Leeds, M. Smith

School of Physician Assistant Practice Associate Dean: James Zedaker; Faculty: Bastin, Graves, M. Johnson, Morgan, Nash, Nuccio, Pragle, Salashor, B. Smith

The Florida State University College of Medicine, in partnership with local communities, provides a four-year program of study leading to the Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree. The college is fully accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education of the Association of American Medical Colleges and the American Medical Association. The mission of the College of Medicine is to educate and develop exemplary physicians who practice patient-centered health care, who discover and advance knowledge, and who are responsive to community needs, especially through service to elder, rural, and other medically underserved populations.

For complete details of degree requirements, plus a description of the college and its services, refer to the "College of Medicine" chapter of this General Bulletin.

Definition of Prefixes

BCC—Basic Clinical Clerkships

BMS—Basic Medical Sciences


IFS—Interdisciplinary Florida State University Courses

IHS—Interdisciplinary Health Sciences

MDE—Medical Electives

PAS—Physician Assistant

Undergraduate Courses

PAS 2054r. Introduction to the PA Profession (3). This course explores the history and development of the physician assistant profession. Students develop a thorough understanding of the PA's role within the healthcare system and the important role they play on the healthcare system.

BMS 4901r. DIS in Biomedical Sciences (1–4). Prerequisite: Instructor permission. Corequisite: Must have a combined GPA of 3.0 in biology, chemistry, and physics coursework. This directed individual study course in biomedical sciences offers a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to perform research in the biomedical laboratories in the College of Medicine. Students perform special supervised study or research in the area of the faculty member's research. An oral presentation and a final report of the research in the format of a short scientific publication is required. May be repeated to a maximum of fifteen semester hours.

IFS 2058. An Apple a Day: Natural Science Honors Seminar (3). This seminar course is structured as a lecture and discussion of current topics in medicine. The course is interactive in which students are expected to prepare for and participate actively with guests, faculty, and fellow students.

IHS 4904r. Directed Individual Study in Health Sciences (1–4). Prerequisite: Instructor permission. Corequisite: Must have an overall 3.0 GPA. This course is for undergraduate students who wish an individualized research experience in the Medical Humanities and Social Sciences, Public Health, or other fields represented in the College of Medicine. Students receive training in research methods and improve their readiness for and appreciation of research in health-related science. May be repeated to a maximum of fifteen semester hours.

IHS 4943. Medical Interpreter Practicum (9). (S/U grade only.) Prerequisites: ADV 3410, BMS 4861, SPC 4710, SPN 4420, and SPN 4930. This course is a supervised internship at a College of Medicine clinical site. Students work with healthcare providers providing translation services between patients and healthcare providers.

Graduate Courses

BCC 7112. Internal Medicine (6).

BCC 7130. Obstetrics/Gynecology Clerkship (6).

BCC 7140. Pediatrics Clerkship (6).

BCC 7150. Psychiatry Clerkship (6).

BCC 7160. Surgery Clerkship (6).

BCC 7170. Community Medicine (2). (P\F grade only.)

BCC 7175. Clerkship in Family Medicine (6).

BCC 7182. Doctoring 3 (6).

BCC 7113. Internal Medicine Sub-Internship (4).

BCC 7174. Primary Care Geriatrics (4).

BCC 7176. Family Medicine Sub-Internship (4).

BCC 7180. Emergency Medicine (4).

BCC 7201. Residency Preparation Boot Camp (4).

BMS 6016. Doctoring 102 (5). (P/F grade only.)

BMS 6017. Doctoring 103 (5). (P/F grade only.)

BMS 6030r. Foundations Medicine 2: Molecules to Mechanisms (5–10). (P/F grade only.)

BMS 6037r. Medicine I: Foundations (10–13). (P/F grade only.)

BMS 6040r. Medicine 3 Human Systems in Health and Disease: Gastrointestinal System (6–8). (P/F grade only.)

BMS 6041r. Medicine 3 Human Systems in Health and Disease: Host-Defense (6-10). (P/F grade only.)

BMS 6042r. Medicine 3 Human Systems in Health and Disease: Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Systems (10–12). (P/F grade only.)

BMS 6043r. Medicine 3 Human Systems in Health and Disease: Renal-Urinary System (8–10). (P/F grade only.)

BMS 6044r. Medicine 3 Human Systems in Health and Disease: Hematologic System (4–6). (P/F grade only.)

BMS 6045r. Medicine 3 Human Systems in Health and Disease: Autonomic Nervous System, Endocrine, and Reproductive Systems (8–10). (P/F grade only.)

BMS 6046Cr. Medicine 3 Human Systems in Health and Disease: Neuroscience: CNS and Behavior (10–12). (P/F grade only.)

BMS 6047r. Medicine 3 Human Systems in Health and Disease: Musculoskeletal and Integumentary Systems (4–6). (P/F grade only.)

BMS 6110C. Histology and Cell Biology (4). (P/F grade only.)

BMS 6204. Medical Biochemistry and Genetics (5). (P/F grade only.)

BMS 6511. Organ Physiology (6). (P/F grade only.)

BMS 6706C. Clinical Neuroscience (6). (P/F grade only.)

BMS 6930r. Special Topics in Medicine (2). (P/F grade only.)

BMS 6940. Internship/Practicum/Clinical Practice (1). (P/F grade only.)

BMS 6060. Health Issues in Medicine II (2). (P/F grade only.)

BMS 6301. Medical Microbiology 201 (3). (P/F grade only.)

BMS 6302. Medical Microbiology 202 (2). (P/F grade only.)

BMS 6401. Medical Pharmacology 201 (3). (P/F grade only.)

BMS 6402. Medical Pharmacology 202 (4). (P/F grade only.)

BMS 6601. Pathology 201 (6). (P/F grade only.)

BMS 6602. Pathology 202 (7). (P/F grade only.)

BMS 6800r. Medicine 4: Integrated Cases (12–14). (P/F grade only.)

BMS 6801Cr. Medicine 5: Preclerkship Preparation Boot Camp (8–10). (P/F grade only.)

BMS 6821. Medicine and Behavior I (2). (P/F grade only.)

BMS 6822. Medicine and Behavior II (2). (P/F grade only.)

BMS 6831. Doctoring 201 (7). (P/F grade only.)

BMS 6832. Doctoring 202 (7). (P/F grade only.)

BMS 6824r. Cross-Cultural Medicine (2). (P/F grade only.)

BMS 6960r. USMLE Step 1 Preparation (1-6). (P/F grade only.)

GMS 5700. Developmental Neuroscience (3).

GMS 5905r. Directed Individual Study (1-3). (S/U grade only.)

IHS 5905r. Directed Individual Study in Health Science (1-12). (S/U grade only.)

IHS 5906r. Directed Individual Study in Medical Sciences (1-12). (S/U grade only.)

ENT 5627. Healthcare Innovation and Medical Entrepreneurship (3).

MDE 6041r. Elementary Medical Spanish I (1). (P/F grade only.)

MDE 6042. Medical Spanish II (2). (P/F grade only.)

MDE 7012. Mind-Body Health (0).

MDE 7106r. Achieving Health Equity-Health Disparities Local and Global (2-4).

MDE 7126r. Student Health Elective (2-4).

MDE 7572r. Hand Surgery Elective (2-4).

MDE 7642r. Bariatric Surgery Elective (4).

MDE 7645r. Surgical Oncology Elective (4).

MDE 7812. Neuropsychology (2).

PAS 5000C. Patient Assessment I (3).

PAS 5006. Patient Assessment II (3).

PAS 5010. Clinical Medicine I (3).

PAS 5013. Evidence Based Practice (1).

PAS 5020r. Clinical Medicine II (3).

PAS 5022r. Clinical Gross and Radiographic Anatomy (6).

PAS 5025. Foundations of Clinical Physiology (2).

PAS 5028. Systemic Physiology and Pathophysiology I (3).

PAS 5029. Systemic Physiology and Pathophysiology II (3).

PAS 5030. Clinical Medicine III (3).

PAS 5034r. Clinical Medicine IV (3).

PAS 5045. Integrated Clinical Science (3).

PAS 5050. Essentials of PA Practice (2).

PAS 5056. US Healthcare Systems and Policy (2).

PAS 5071. Clinical Pharmacology I (2).

PAS 5072. Clinical Pharmacology II (2).

PAS 5073. Clinical Pharmacology III (2).

PAS 5074. Clinical Pharmacology IV (1).

PAS 5110L. Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (2).

PAS 5127. Behavioral and Mental Health (2).

PAS 5254. Foundations of Clinical Nutrition (1).

PAS 6007. Clinical Procedures (2).

PAS 6053. Professional Development (1).

PAS 6097. Evidence-Based Research I (2).

PAS 6098. Evidence-Based Research II (1).

PAS 6099. Evidence-Based Research III (1).

PAS 6190. Internal Medicine Clerkship (5).

PAS 6200. General Surgery (2).

PAS 6291. General Surgery Clerkship (5).

PAS 6303. Pediatric Medicine (2).

PAS 6390. Pediatric Medicine Clerkship (5).

PAS 6490. Family Medicine Clerkship (6).

PAS 6491. Geriatric Medicine Clerkship (3).

PAS 6492r. Behavioral and Mental Health Clerkship (5).

PAS 6505. Women's Health (2).

PAS 6591. Women's Health Clerkship (5).

PAS 6605. Emergency Medicine (3).

PAS 6876r. Emergency Medicine Clerkship (3).

PAS 6941. Transition to Clinical Practice (4).

PAS 6945. Elective Clerkship (3).

Fourth Year Electives

In the fourth year of study, the College of Medicine offers a wide variety of electives to help students develop skills in their specific areas of study and practice. Electives are available in the fields of family medicine, geriatrics, internal medicine, obstetrics/gynecology, pediatrics, psychiatry, surgery, and others. For a complete and current list of fourth year electives, please visit our Web site at


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