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Proofing Instructions

E-Proofing Procedures: 2017-2018 General Bulletin

You may download this document as a PDF file here.

1st-Round Proof

Get e-Proof: September 13, 2016

Return e-Proof: September 27, 2016

2nd-Round Proof

Get e-Proof: January 10, 2017

Return e-Proof: January 24, 2017

Important Notes

We purposefully:

  • Added a header to all proofs and used MS Word's track changes and password protection.

The following CANNOT be changed by the reviewer:

  • Common Program Prerequisites—mandated by the Statewide Course Numbering System (SCNS);
  • Florida Statutes—mandated by the State Legislature;
  • Course numbers—mandated by the SCNC; and
  • Course elements—mandated by the FSU Curriculum Committee.

Curriculum Cutoff Dates:

  • The last batch of curriculum that can be included in the General Bulletin needs to reach us (via the FSU Curriculum Committee) by April 10.

The file type can be identified by its name:

  • UD-Accounting.docx : Undergraduate Department of Accounting
  • GD-Accounting.docx : Graduate Department of Accounting
  • UC-Business.docx : Undergraduate College of Business
  • GC-Business.docx : Graduate College of Business
  • UA-Admissions.docx : Undergraduate Administration - Admissions
  • GA-Admissions.docx : Graduate Administration - Admissions
  • AA-AcademicCalendar.docx : All Administration - Academic Calendar (file used in both Undergraduate and Graduate)

Content Accuracy

  • Please ensure the accuracy of all content, including contact information (phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and URLs).

Subject Lines

  • Please reply to our original e-mail and do not change the subject line.

No Changes

  • If your e-proof needs no changes, please e-mail us (to let us know) and do not attach the unchanged e-proof.

Running Late

  • If you anticipate being late with the return of your proofs, please e-mail us and, if at all possible, give us an estimate of the delay.

RegPub e-mail Account

  • All Bulletin-related communication must be conducted exclusively through our account.

Step I: Receive the File

  •  1. Receive the distribution e-mail from
    Note: You can tell our official bulletin e-mails by the subject line (example: 1st Proof Out: 2014-2015 General Bulletin)
  •  2. Save the attached files (i.e., proofs) to your desktop.

Step II: Edit the File

  •  3. Open the file you wish to review in Microsoft Word. If you do not open the file using Microsoft Word, I will not be able to see your edits.
  •  4. In the tabs at the top of the file, go to and click on "Review". At the right hand side of this tab look for the word "Markup" and make sure that "All Markup" has been selected in the dropdown box. If this is not selected, you will not be able to see the changes you are making.
  •  5. Read the file carefully and:
    • Add any missing information. How? Place the cursor at the insertion point and start typing.
    • Change any incorrect existing text. How? Highlight the obsolete information and start typing over.
    • Delete any obsolete information. How? Highlight the obsolete information and press "Delete" on your keyboard.

Step III: Add Your Last Name to the End of the File

  •  5. Add your last name to the end of the file. How?
    • Go to File >> Save As.
    • Add an underscore and then type your last name right before ".docx" (example: UD-Accounting_Doe.docx).
    • Save the updated file on your desktop.

Step IV: Return the File

  •  6. Return your edited files as an attachment to our e-mail account. How?
    • Go to your e-mail application and find our original e-mail (do not change the subject line).
    • Click Reply.
    • Attach the files you saved with your last name (from Insert >> File).
    • Type a comment in the body of the e-mail, if you'd like.
    • Click Send.

Note: You will receive a message indicating that your e-mail was received.

Step V: Ask for Assistance

  •  7. Please do not hesitate to send your questions, comments, suggestions, and/or requests to:
Contact Registation Guide-Related email Phone Office Registration Guide-Related Role
Haley Shaw (850) 644-1050 UCA 3921 Coordinator & Editor

© Office of the University Registrar, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL 32306 -- Document last edited: September, 2016 by HS