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Academic Publications

Campus Map Information

The Campus Map is a full-color, high-quality paper map that depicts FSU's main campus and the southwest campus at Innovation Park.

The Campus Map is published prior to the beginning of Fall classes. A limited number of copies are distributed to each department at the beginning of Fall semester, and all new students receive a copy at Orientation. The map is available on-line at . Please note that while the Registrar's Office publishes the Campus Map, the information contained therein is not reviewed and revised by Academic Publications staff. Questions about the Campus Map can be directed to Traci Matthews at (850) 644-1050. Content additions, suggestions, or comments may be direct to Alan Lahtinen at (850) 644-6134.

Requesting Printed Copies of the Campus Map

Requesting One Hundred or Fewer Copies

To request up to one hundred Campus Maps per year, email your order information—both the number of maps you are requesting and the date by which you need them—to

In the email subject line, please type Campus Map Request. Include your name, the academic or administrative department you represent, your phone number, email address, and for orders of thirty or fewer maps, your campus mail code.

Please allow twenty-four hours for staff to process your request. Additionally, please be aware campus-mail delivery can take a week or more. We will, however, let you know when your order has been submitted to campus mail.

If you require thirty or more copies of the Campus Map and cannot wait for campus mail delivery, you may come by our offices located at A3900 University Center, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Requesting More Than One Hundred Printed Copies

For quantities greater than one hundred printed copies, you may request to be added to a waiting list that is reviewed after regularly scheduled distribution. Alternately, you can request copies of the previous year's Campus Map, which often contains only minor revisions from the most current edition. These maps are distributed as available.