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Academic Publications

Course Descriptions

The Office of the University Registrar is responsible for maintaining the University's Master Curriculum File and course archive materials. Individuals who require course descriptions for admission to other institutions, professional or job-related certification, or other purposes may contact Academic Publications as described below.

Note: To request a syllabus contact the academic department that offered the course.

Requesting up to Ten Courses

To request up to ten course descriptions in writing, please email with the information outlined below. Type Course Description Request in the subject line. We will send photocopies of our archived course descriptions, as well as a cover letter on FSU letterhead (when sending via fax or mail), summarizing your request. After we receive your request, please allow at least twenty-four hours for processing.

  • Your Name
  • Your ten-digit phone number
  • Your email address
  • The name of the institution or individual receiving the descriptions
  • The contact person to whom we should address a reply

One of the following:

  • A fax number. This method provides quick receipt, but the faxed copies of archived documents can be difficult to read.
  • A mailing address. Mailed copies are always legible, but can take up to seven days to receive.
  • Email address.

Regarding course description information, include

  • Course prefix (e.g., SPC)
  • Course number ( e.g., 1600)
  • Course title (e.g., Fundamentals of Speech)
  • Semester or Quarter you were enrolled (e.g., Fall)
  • Year of enrollment (e.g., 1998)

NOTE: If you need to review your unofficial transcript to obtain the required details, sign into Select View Unofficial Transcript from the Course Quick Links.

Requesting More than Ten Courses

To request more than ten course descriptions, please follow the instructions above and, additionally, include a written request (on letterhead) from the institution or organization requesting the descriptions. After we receive your request, please allow at least forty-eight hours for processing.

Please send this request to the attention of Registrar Academic Publications and include the words Course Description Request to ensure proper routing. You may send us this letter via:


Mail: Florida State University, Registrar Academic Publications, 282 Champions Way, 3900 University Center A, Tallahassee, FL 32306-2480

View Course Descriptions Online

Recent editions of the University General Bulletin as a PDF document are available online at You can view course descriptions from the years listed below.

Graduate Courses:

From 2003-2005 on, are available in PDF format.

Undergraduate Courses:

From 2002-2003 on, are available in PDF format.