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Proofing Instructions

Registration Guide Proofing Instructions

You may download this document as a PDF file here.

Summer/Fall 2017 Proof

Get e-Proof: January 4, 2017

Return e-Proof: January 18, 2017

Important Notes

We purposefully:

  • Added a header to all proofs and used MS Word's track changes and password protection.

Content Accuracy

  • Please ensure the accuracy of all content, including contact information (phone numbers, email addresses, and URLs).

Subject Lines

  • Please reply to our original email and do not change the subject line.

No Changes

  • If your e-proof needs no changes, please email us (to let us know) and do not attach the unchanged e-proof.

Running Late

  • If you anticipate being late with the return of your proofs, please email us and, if at all possible, give us an estimate of the delay.

RegPub email Account

  • All Registration Guide-related communication must be conducted exclusively through our account.

Step I: Receive the File

  •  1. Receive the distribution email from
    Note: You can tell our official registration guide emails by the subject line (example: Proof Out: Summer/Fall 2012 Registration Guide
  •  2. Save the attached files (i.e., proofs) to your desktop.

Step II: Edit the File

  •  3. Open the file you wish to review.
  •  4. Read the file carefully and:
    • Add any missing information. How? Place the cursor at the insertion point and start typing.
    • Change any incorrect existing text. How? Highlight the obsolete information and start typing over.
    • Delete any obsolete information. How? Highlight the obsolete information and press "Delete" on your keyboard.

Step III: Add Your Last Name to the End of the File

  •  5. Add your last name to the end of the file. How?
    • Go to File >> Save As.
    • Add an underscore and then type your last name right before ".doc" (example: Reg_Info_Spring.doc).
    • Save the updated file on your desktop.

Step IV: Return the File

  •  6. Return your edited files as an attachment to our email account. How?
    • Go to your email application and find our original email (do not change the subject line).
    • Click Reply.
    • Attach the files you saved with your last name (from Insert >> File).
    • Type a comment in the body of the email, if you'd like.
    • Click Send.

Note: You will receive a message indicating that your email was received.

Step V: Ask for Assistance

  •  7. Please do not hesitate to send your questions, comments, suggestions, and/or requests to:
Contact Registation Guide-Related email Phone Office Registration Guide-Related Role
Haley Shaw (850) 644-1050 UCA 3921 Coordinator & Editor