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Academic Status

Academic Status and Retention

All students must demonstrate satisfactory academic progress for retention and continued enrollment at Florida State University. Satisfactory academic progress includes, but is not limited to, successful completion of credit hours and progression toward completing a degree. The University reserves the right not to retain students who do not demonstrate satisfactory academic progress.

Students should refer to the table below indicating the necessary grade point average (GPA) on all coursework taken at Florida State University required for retention at the University. The Retention Table takes into consideration the number of semester hours the student has attempted and indicates the GPA range that will place the student on academic warning or academic probation. Students who fail to resolve probationary status will be dismissed at the end of the next semester for which they are enrolled.

A minimum Florida State University GPA of 2.0 ("C") or better and an overall 2.0 GPA on all college-level work attempted is required for graduation. Students should maintain at least this minimum at all times to be in good standing. Statuses of "academic warning," "probation," or "reinstated from dismissal" do not specifically prohibit a student from participating in extracurricular activities unless otherwise specified by University policy, rules, or by-laws governing the activity or organization. To be retained in the University, a student must achieve an overall Florida State University average at the end of each term which, in the judgment of the University, is sufficiently near 2.0 to permit reaching the 2.0 average by the beginning of the junior year.

Attempted Hours Warning GPA Range Probation GPA Range
1–15 1.5–1.999 Less than 1.5
16–30 1.75–1.999 Less than 1.750
31 or more Less than 2.0
Dismissal: Failure to remove probation by the end of next term.

For a comprehensive overview of policies related to academic status and retention please reference the Academic Standing and Retention section of the Undergraduate Bulletin chapter Academic Regulations and Procedures.