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How to Apply to Graduate

How to Apply to Graduate

  1. After navigating to your Student Center, click the Academics tile and expand the Graduation tab in the left-hand menu. Click Apply for Graduation.

    Apply for Graduation

  2. When the Apply for Graduation page appears, click the Apply for Graduation link at the bottom of the page.

    Apply for Graduation Link

  3. When the Apply for Graduation/Select Graduation Term page appears, select your expected graduation term from the Expected Graduation Term drop-down box and click Continue.

    Expected Graduation Term

    NOTE: If you have another program from which you're eligible to graduate, click Select Different Program to choose it.


  4. When the Apply for Graduation/Verify Graduation Data page appears, verify the degree information and click Submit Application.

    Submit Application

  5. On the My Academics page, click the View Graduation Status link. When the Graduation Status page appears, if you need to change your name click the Update Name link, and add it in the Add a New Name form. You can also update your address from this page by clicking Update Address.

    Update Name