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How to Request S/U Grading via Student Central

How to Request a Course's Grading Basis Be Changed from Letter Graded to S/U through Student Central

  • WHAT YOU CAN SWITCH--- Only one course per semester. Note that business courses are not eligible for this grading-basis change.
  • WHO CAN SWITCH--- To be eligible to change a course to an S/U grade through this web-based option, you must be an undergraduate, either in your first semester at FSU, or have a 2.5 GPA.
  • WHEN YOU CAN SWITCH--- You must change the class grading-basis between the first day of classes and the 7th week deadline.

If the Permit to Change Course to S/U link is not available, either you or the course you selected is not eligible to have a grading basis switch. You may speak to your Dean's office to request an exception, and if one is given, then use the fillable PDF at to request the change.

  1. Begin by clicking the My Classes tile from your Student Central Homepage.

    Student Central Homepage

  2. After clicking the tile, the Permit to Change Course to S/U link becomes active in the left-hand navigation area if both you and any of the courses you are enrolled in are eligible for a graded-to-S/U switch.

    Permit to Change Course to S/U Link

  3. You are prompted to complete a form allowing you to select the course whose grading basis you want to change. Select the course from the Class drop down box.

    Request Form


  4. Then click Submit.


  5. To access your in-progress or completed S/U Grade Basis Change request and view its status and comments, navigate to My Tasks > In Progress / Completed Forms > S/U Grade Basis Change.


  6. Upon approval, you will receive a confirmation email. If your request is denied, you will see an alert appearing as a notification flag in the upper-right corner of Student Central, as well as receiving an automatically generated email.


NOTE: If your request is denied and you have other eligible courses, you can select another course for the S/U switch and request approval for it. Remember that you can only select the S/U grading basis for one class per semester, and if you wish to request this status for a second class you can do so only after the first request has been reviewed and denied.