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The Curriculum section of the University Registrar's Office is located in Academic Space and Scheduling.


Jeremy Johnson, Associate Registrar

Sheila M. Mitchell, Coordinator of Curriculum

Curriculum—Making Additions, Changes, or Deletions

All curriculum additions, changes, or deletions at Florida State University must be reviewed by the University Curriculum Committee (UCC), a standing committee of the Faculty Senate working in conjunction with the Office of Faculty Development and Advancement. All curricular requests, regardless of what course element is being changed, must be submitted through the Curricular Request Application (CRA) at

Course elements include:

  • Prefixes
  • Course number
  • Title
  • Credit hours
  • Grade types
  • Repeat rules
  • Delivery methods
  • Prerequisites
  • Co-requisites
  • Description

Curriculum Request Forms

The Curricular Request Application (CRA) can be found at

Curriculum Sweep and Purge

Courses not taught in five years will appear on a report, run once a year (usually, in March), called the "purge list". Typically departments with courses appearing on this report are notified via email that the course(s) in question will be purged (i.e., removed from the Master Curriculum File), unless otherwise specified. Courses that have been purged from the MCF as a result of this process will also be removed from:

  • the appropriate edition of the General Bulletin
  • the Statewide Course Numbering System
  • Statewide Course Numbering Field Reviews

The Statewide Course Numbering System (SCNS) conducts periodic field reviews to correct curriculum issues throughout the state. A field review results in changes in course prefixes and/or numbers. When the SCNS conducts a field review that involves courses at Florida State University, the Curriculum and Publications Coordinator updates the Course Catalogue and the Bulletin and notifies departmental contacts of the change. While changes entered in the Course Catalogue take place immediately, changes entered into the Bulletin are published only once a year.