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Academic Publications

General Bulletin Information

Undergraduate and Graduate General Bulletins. The Undergraduate (published annually in June) and Graduate (published annually in August) editions of the Florida State University General Bulletin are documents that record the University's policies, procedures, admission requirements, colleges, departments, course descriptions, and more. The General Bulletin is available in PDF and HTML formats at The PDF version is easily searchable and allows the reader to print any or all pages of the document.

The following information is intended for those individuals involved in reviewing content for the General Bulletin. To update your area's reviewer contact-information, please email and specify the name and contact information for the person who should receive specific Bulletin files.

Production Schedule

General Bulletin

  Undergraduate Graduate

1st Proof to Departments


2nd Proof to Departments

June Publication  
August   Publication

E-Proofing Procedures

To review proofing procedures, you may download a PDF or you may refer to the online instructions.

Proofing instructions as HTML

Proofing instructions as a PDF

If you have questions regarding the Bulletin, please email and type the words General Bulletin in the subject line. Alternately, you may call Haley Shaw at (850) 644-3027.