Official Transcripts

Florida State University has contracted with Parchment® Award Transcript Services for automated processing of academic transcripts. Using this service allows alumni, former, and current students an efficient, web-based experience for acquiring official transcripts. Instructions for using Parchment® Award Transcript Services are located below.

After placing your online order, you can check its status by navigating to the Orders section of your Parchment® account. Please note that if Parchment® Award Transcript Services is unable to fulfill your order for any reason, they will notify you by the method you designated when you placed the order.

NOTE: Should you have questions about coded items appearing on your transcript, you can download a Transcript Explanation PDF. This document provides a legend that describes those codes, as well as general information about the grading system and related policies. You can also view a comprehensive transcript key on this website.

Ordering through myFSU

Current Students

If you're a currently enrolled student, please go to and log in with your Username (FSUID) and password. On the left-hand side of your portal page, expand the Academic category and select Request Official Transcript.

Former Students

Former students should click on the "Begin Order" button above to start the transcript ordering process. Parchment will ask for your student ID. If you don't know your student ID, you can skip the box and then when it pops up a second time, choose the option "I do not know or remember by student ID," then enter your SSN.

If you prefer to create your order through the myFSU portal, navigate to and log in with your FSUID and password. On the left-hand side menu, expand the Alumni and Former Students category and select Request Official Transcript. The Transcript Ordering interface appears, where you provide all of the necessary information to obtain the official transcript.

NOTE: If you're an alumni or former student but you don't know your FSUID, navigate to, and under the myFSU Login, click the Manage FSUID/Password link. Follow the prompts to obtain your FSUID.

  • If you had an FSUID before, you'll just need to reset your password.
  • To do so, you will need to know your EMPLID number. If you no longer have this number, email us at Please provide identifying information such as full name, former name (if applicable), date of birth, dates of attendance, degree earned, and so on. We will reply with your EMPLID within one business day.
  • If you need assistance with your FSUID and password, please call the ITS Service Desk at (850) 644-4357 (644-HELP), Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-6 p.m. ET.

Ordering In Person

You may obtain a copy of your official transcript by visiting the Office of the University Registrar located in Suite 3900, University Center A. You will be able to place a pick-up order online at a computer kiosk in the Registrar lobby.

Note: Debit/Credit card is the only available method of payment if requesting your transcripts in person.

Ordering by Mail

To obtain an official transcript through the U.S. Postal Service, you must complete the transcript request form. You must include a check or money order made payable to Florida State University for $10.00 (per copy) with your transcript request, and mail it to:

Office of Student Business Services

Florida State University

A1500 University Center

P.O. Box 3062394

Tallahassee, FL 32306-2394

Veteran Transcript Waiver

In accordance with F.S. 1009.26 (17a), Florida State University will waive the transcript fee for a person who is an active duty member or an honorably discharged veteran of the United States Armed Forces and his or her spouse and dependents. The waiver covers the $10.00 transcript cost. The waiver does not cover additional services, such as tracking and expedited shipping. To change the shipping method to a courier service, please provide the appropriate pre-paid envelope to the Office of the University Registrar in advance of requesting your official transcript(s).

If you qualify for the waiver, please follow these instructions:

  • Complete the Veteran Transcript Request Form
  • Provide proof of military status along with your request (instructions below)
  • Send all documents via mail or DocuSign to the FSU Student Veteran's Center

The Student Veteran's Center will verify your military status and send the approved materials to the Office of the University Registrar for further processing.

Acceptable Proof of Military Status Documents

To verify your military status, please submit one of the documentation types noted below. If you are not able to provide one form of documentation, you must submit the notarized Certification of Military Status form.

Active Duty Member or Honorably Discharged Veteran

  • Proof of Service Statement or Letter
  • Copy of your most recent enlistment contract
  • Copy of your most recent Leave and Earnings Statement
  • DD Form 214 (or Form 215)
  • DD Form 256

Spouse of an Active Duty Member, or Honorably Discharged Veteran

  • Copy of DEERS Form 1172
  • A copy of your marriage certificate, in addition to documentation showing your spouse's military status

Dependent of an Active Duty Member, or Honorably Discharged Veteran

  • Copy of DEERS Form 1172
  • A copy of your birth certificate, in addition to documentation verifying the military status of the individual claiming you as a dependent

IMPORTANT: Copies of military identification cards should not be submitted and will not be accepted.

Unofficial Transcripts

To view your unofficial transcript, login at using your FSUID.

If you are a current student, you will click on the Academics tab.

If you are an alumni or former student, you will click on the Alumni and Former Students Tab. Select View Unofficial Transcript and click Submit.

Please note that your unofficial transcript will open as a PDF in a new window so your device should allow popups and have a PDF viewer.