Student Forms

The division of Current Records oversees a variety of administrative functions, including registration, drop/add tasks, grade processing, academic-status control, enrollment cancellations, and posting permanent academic records. The categories below will assist you in finding the right form for your specific need.


Grade-related functions include making grade changes, handling exceptions to credit hours, changing student academic-status, grade rosters, granting academic reinstatements for dismissed students, and preparing appeal cases for the University Appeals Committee's consideration. Use the following forms or consult the listed web documents to initiate grade-related changes.

Undergraduate S/U Grade Request Form

Graduate S/U Grade Request Form

Incomplete Grade Agreement Form

Request to Modify Course Credit for an Individual Student


Extension of Time for Clearing Incomplete Grade

Appeal to Reinstate Schedule Cancelled for Nonpayment of Tuition

Drop/Add Tuition Refund Appeal Form

Excess Credit Hours Appeal Form

Third Repeat Course Surcharge Refund Appeal Form

University Refund Committee Petition Form

Transcript Requests

Catalog Year Change

Major Changes

Campus Change

Transient Student (Including TCC Students) Application


If you are an FSU student who wants to attend a private/out-of-state school, please fill out the Transient Student Form.

Transient Student Form as a PDF

If you are a student from a private/out-of-state school, visit to download the transient student form as a PDF.

FAMU/FSU Coop Program Registration

Undergrad Request to Take Grad Level Courses

Graduate Transfer Credit

Internal Credit Transfer

Admission to Candidacy

State Employee Tuition Waiver (non-FSU Employees)

FSU Employee Tuition Scholarship Application

Auditor Seating Privileges

Certification Request

Request to Release Student Information

Change Your Legal Name of Record

To change your official, legal name of record with the university, please email two forms of documentation to the Office of the University Registrar at Acceptable forms of documentation include driver licenses, passports, and court orders. The name change will be processed within one business day, and it will be reflected on all future official FSU documents, including certifications, transcripts, and diplomas.

Note: We cannot accept marriage certificates unless the document specifically indicates that your name has legally changed.

Update Your Address

Instructions how to change your address are available at

Request to Prevent Publication of Directory Information