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Current Records

Current Records Overview

The Division of Current Records is responsible for a variety of administrative actions, including registration, drop/add, grade processing, academic-status control, withdrawals, enrollment cancellations, and posting permanent academic records. Staff in Current Records also greet visitors, answer telephone inquiries, distribute publications, and distribute and receive academic forms.

Within the division of Current Records, the Records, Audits, and Analysis Group comprises staff who:

  • manage transfer credit matters, including manually posting transfer credit and external degrees for all degree-seeking MAT types; proofing manually and electronically posted transfer credit and external degrees; posting UF correspondence coursework and Internal Credit Transfers; posting departmental credit; and handling transfer credit related inquiries from students, parents, departments, and so on.
  • process excess credit issues, including updating excess credit thresholds and counters, and handling excess credit inquiries from students, parents, departments, and so on.
  • update and audit student records, including:
    • processing grade change forms and time extensions;
    • updating grading bases, repeat codes, and academic standing (and related service indicators);
    • auditing the general accuracy of records after updates have been made.

Current Records Staff

  • Jeremy Johnson - Associate Registrar
  • Robin Queen - Associate Registrar
  • Jim Coppotelli - Assistant Registrar
  • Taylor Gomez - Assistant Registrar
  • Brad Thomas - Assistant Registrar
  • Irene Engelbrecht - Athletic Eligibility Officer
  • Carlei Atkinson - Enrollment Management Specialist
  • Justin Beck - Enrollment Management Specialist
  • Vivian Hayes - Enrollment Management Specialist
  • Allison Hebding - Excess Credit Specialist
  • Amy Helms - Enrollment Management Specialist
  • Bre'ette Ison - Enrollment Management Specialist
  • Tori Stephenson - Enrollment Management Specialist
  • Robby Willis - Enrollment Management Specialist

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