Comprehensive Transcript Key

Due to a records conversion that occurred in 2013, course indicators that denote whether the course received credit or if it is included in GPA calculations are located in two fields on the official transcript. The first field displays repeat codes and is designed to reflect repeat course indicators though the field is also utilized to denote excess hours and other course designations.

Repeat Codes (RP)

Code Description Credit Awarded
C Course applies to combined degree program Y
D Course repeated, credit excluded (prior to Fall 2013) N
E Credit applied to undergraduate program Y
G Grade below transferable level N
L Course below transferable level N
M Remedial coursework N
P Credit applied to graduate program N
Q Course taken as prerequisites for state licensure exam Y
V Vocational or technical course (after Fall 1981) N
W Gordon Rule Writing Contract Y
Y Community College courses taken beyond AA degree N
Z MAT 1033 Elective Credit Y
ALLW Repeated course allowed per exception Y
CERT* Credit earned toward a national certificate/certification program Y
DECL Test credit declined due to course enrollment N
DEG2* Course applied to a second degree Y
DUTY* Credit earned while active duty military Y
EHG4* Course excluded from Excess Hours totals Y
EXCL Repeated course, credit excluded N
HSCR* Credit earned during high school Y
MAJ2* Course applied to a second major Y
NTRN Credit earned through an internship program N
PERS* Course excluded from Excess Hours totals Y
REPT Repeated course, credit awarded Y
ROTC* Course taken as part of ROTC program Y
SDCL Test credit declined at student's request N
TEST* Credit earned by examination Y

* Code is used for tracking excess hours exclusions and does not affect earned hours or GPA.


The second displays the grading basis (GB) used for the course and identifies any alternative grading practices based on characteristics of the specific course.

Grading Basis (GB)

Code Description Credit Awarded
APX AP courses beyond 45 hours N
GRD Letter Graded Y
GTR Grade below Transfer Level - Non FSU N
LAW Law Numeric Grading Scale Y
LTR Course below Transfer Level - Non FSU N
MED Medical School Grades Y
MGR Remedial Coursework - FSU N
NGR FSU course not applicable toward degree N
NTR Transfer course not applicable to degree N
PGR Grad Credit Not Applied to Undergrad Degree N
PNP Pass / Not Pass Y
QGR Special Excp Allow Hrs Ernd Y
SOU Satisfactory / Not Satisfactory Y
TRF Transfer Grades Y
TRN Transfer Grades Y
U4X 4XXX and below taken as GRAD Y
UGD 3XXX and below taken as GRAD N
USU 3XXX and below S/U course taken as Grad N
VTR Vocational Course - Non-FSU N
WRF W or F Grade N
XGR Course Taken on Acad Dismissal - FSU (prior to Fall 2015) N
XTR Course Taken on Acad Dismissal - Non FSU (prior to Fal 2015) N
YTR CC Course beyond AA - Non FSU N
ZGR MAT 1033 Elective Credit - FSU (prior to Summer 2014) Y
ZTR MAT 1033 Elective Credit - Non-FSU (prior to Summer 2014) Y