Actions Required for Graduation

A Note About Future Registration

After you apply for graduation, a stop will be placed on any future registrations unless you have been readmitted to the university or your name has been removed from the graduation list.

When you receive a degree from the University, you are "discharged" as a student. If you wish to continue as a doctoral student, special (non-degree seeking) student, or to work on a second bachelor's degree, you must apply for readmission to the University through the appropriate section of the Admission's Office.

Master's degree seeking students must be readmitted through the Graduate Admissions Office.

Apply Online for Graduation

For instructions on applying for graduation online, follow the How to Apply to Graduate steps.

RSVP for the Graduation Ceremony

If you are planning to participate in your graduation ceremony, you must register and RSVP online. You will receive an email with additional information and instructions when the online registration becomes available.

Please review instructions for your RSVP at How To RSVP for Your Graduation Ceremony.

Access Your Grad Pass

For instructions on accessing your Grad Pass, follow the How to Access Your Grad Pass steps You will receive an email with instructions on how to view your Grad Pass when available.

Complete the Graduating Senior Survey Requirement

Students must complete the Graduating Senior Survey to be cleared for graduation. This brief, online survey asks about your post-graduation plans. University funding depends on our ability to report this information, so completion of the survey is a graduation requirement. The link to the survey will be sent to you two weeks prior to the last day of classes.