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Degrees of Distinction

Degrees of Distinction

Only undergraduate students are eligible for degrees of distinction.

Every level of degree distinction requires you to meet the qualifications for BOTH Cum GPA AND Combined Cum. Both GPA calculations have the same qualifying value range into which your average must fall to earn the specified degree of distinction. The following table illustrates the required value range combinations.

Range for Cum GPA   Range for Combined Cum Degree of Distinction Earned
3.500 - 3.699 & 3.500 - 3.699 = CUM LAUDE
3.700 - 3.899 & 3.700 - 3.899 = MAGNA CUM LAUDE
3.900 or higher & 3.900 or higher = SUMMA CUM LAUDE

  • Levels of degree distinction are calculated based on all attempted college-level work, regardless of how many years have elapsed since the hours were earned.
    • IMPORTANT: All attempted college-level work comprises transfer credit, high school dual enrollment credit, and all credit earned at FSU.
  • Remedial and vocational hours do not factor into the calculation.
  • At least forty letter-graded hours, including the final term's hours, must be taken at FSU.


Cum GPA = the average of the hours you've taken ONLY at FSU. No transfer hours alter this average.

Combined Cum = the average of BOTH the Cum GPA AND the Transfer Cum GPA

Transfer Cum GPA = the average of your transfer hours, high school-dual enrollment hours, and the current term's completed, degree-required hours

You may review your Cum GPA, Transfer Cum GPA, and Combined Cum by accessing your unofficial transcript, or by going to Student Center and viewing your Student Services Center page.

NOTE: Your anticipated level of degree distinction may vary after the final graduation check is completed.